Voices of Creativity

Volunteer Service

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, Feb to July 2014 (Closed)

Voices of Creativity was a long-term volunteer project working with six countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. This project has been lead by Estonian based NGO Seiklejate Vennaskond who was granted the funding from the European Commission for it’s delivery. The project gave the opportunity to 12 young people from Estonia, Turkey and Spain to volunteer in youth work in Indonesia, Nepal or Mozambique. Their service lasted for 6 months and volunteers worked with children and young people with fewer opportunities in schools and orphanages. In Indonesia 4 young people volunteered in the local community and share the skills and talents over the course of this time.

In February 2014 4 participants arrived to Bali, Indonesia to start a 6 month volunteer service volunteering with children and young people in the local area. All had different skills and experiences they wanted to share from Estonian dance, Spanish Language, football skills and film making. Our volunteers were:

The first week was spent having an induction training where participants learned about life in Indonesia and Bali, project planning, conflict management and about health and safety. Of course, the first week was the hardest for most as there was so many things to adjust to such as the culture, time difference and climate, in-fact the Estonian participant left a -20 degree celsius winter to a +30 degree wet session here in the tropics.

The next week the group started their volunteering, this began with creating a community profile. Working in 2 groups the guys started to identify what was in their local area and made a map of where all the schools, orphanages and Banjars (community centers) are in the area. Volunteers with there mentors also set up meeting and discussed the possibilities of what volunteers can offer to these places. After a skills analysis with all volunteers, the group decided the activities they wanted to do with the young people in the schools and orphanages, started planning their sessions and then delivered them.

The group started to settle into life after the first month they were making the most of there free time to explore the island, although after around 5 weeks Ale from Spain had to return home due to personal circumstances. The group and Act Global team were really sad to see Ale leave but stayed strong and continued with their projects. We wish Ale well in what he goes on to do with his future and hope he enjoyed his time in Bali.

Here is the story of the other 3 volunteers who stayed on to continue there projects and this is what they did.

Liis 24 from Estonia. During her time in Bali, she has focused her volunteering on teaching various international dances as well as some focus on traditional Estonian. Liis delivered her workshops in local schools and orphanages and also worked with out local banjar. Bellow is a link to a video she made while working with these children at a school teaching Estonian dance and culture.

Another project Liis also took the lead on was the delivery of a final photography exhibition which included dance performances. The photo exhibition showcased the life of children from various countries in the world. The exhibition was a great success and was about showing the life of children from around the world. 58 children from 12 countries sent in pictures that they took of their everyday life (about their pets, hobbies, school, family etc.) Sum of 292 photos were displayed, together with some photos of there previous projects. This link shows some of these images in a Facebook group.

While in Indonesia Liis build a strong friendships with here room mates Rocio from Spain who together the made the most of the free time taking some holiday to travel across Java and to the Gili islands as well as to Malaysia and Thailand.

Liis has a strong background in non-formal education having studied this area in the Netherlands and working in a number of non-formal education settings including orphanages. Liis now plans to follow her path in non-formal and will take her Masters degree later this year back in Estonia.

Estonian Dance:


Rocio is also 24 and is from Malaga in southern Spain. For her placement she has chosen to focus her volunteering on the creative arts such as theater and craft. She created a number of activities with local schools and orphanages in the local area. Rocio has took her passion for the environment and developed a beach cleaning project that engaged around 60 participants and gain sponsorship from local businesses. She also delivered sessions on the environment which focuses on the issues around sustainable development and environmental protection. Check out the video bellow to see how this event went.

Another project Rocio delivered was around teaching dance from her local culture. For a number of weeks Rocio taught some traditional dances from the south of Spain. Also seem the video that was made for this.

Rocio has a strong background in non-formal education having studied Social Pedagogy for her bachelor degree and children studies with a focus on social justice and criminal law for her masters degree. In the field Rocio has worked as a detached youth worker in a neighborhood in Malaga as well as working in orphanages. After finishing her placement in Bali, Rocio now aims to work in the Ireland so she can widen her perspective on the field of non-formal education.

Beach Cleaning Project:


Spanish Dance:



Alp also 24 is from Istanbul in Turkey. During his placement Alp has focused his volunteering around the creative arts too. Alp has been leading on a theater workshop in a number of schools and orphanages too. One of the project Alp delivered while he was her was an intercultural evening at the local Banjar where presentations were given about the USA, Turkey, Estonia, India, Nepal, Georgia, Spain and Indonesia. The evening was really enjoyable and also included some live music performances.

Alp has enjoyed his time in Bali so much that he has chosen to extend his placement by 3 months. Alp will now stay in Indonesia until the end of October 2014.

Alp is also passionate about film and video and has been working on a number of video projects while here in Bali. As well as capturing local life, Alp is planning a video that captures what it is like to be a volunteer here in Bali with Act Global.

Alp has a background of working in professional film and video production back in Turkey having worked on a number of productions for film and television. Additional to this Alp was a student of International Relations at Black Sea Technical University in Trabzon, Eastern University. Right now he is enjoying his time in Bali and has just returned from a trip to Singapore and Malaysia.

This last video show a number of the projects that have been delivered during the volunteers time and the contributions they have given. Thanks guys.

Voice’s of Creativity Mix Video:


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