What we do: training courses

Youth workers / leader’s training

We know that if our aim is to provide global education for young people then we also need to provide this for youth workers and educators too. For youth workers and educators, we provide training courses on a range of subjects that support their professional development. Our ambition is to support youth leaders, workers and educators to have new tools to improve their practice and access to knowledge that promotes the further development of peace and stability, whilst also improving their skills and knowledge of the young people they work with. Click here to view our upcoming training events

Volunteer training

Our volunteers work on a range of different programmes from social entrepreneurship to development education. Volunteers are able to choose the period of time they would like to volunteer, and the programmes they would like to volunteer on (subject to availability and resources). All international volunteers undergo three mandatory trainings, which we are also able to provide for other organisations who host international volunteers. These trainings are:

On arrival:

This introduces the volunteers to the local culture, language, traditions and environment. Arriving in a new country can be very exciting but it can also be a little daunting. The training course offers an induction to the life in Bali, what they will experience and what will be their day-to-day activities. The course also gives the volunteers the local knowledge to be culturally competent in the local environment.

Mid Year Review:

This course is halfway through the placement and gives the volunteers the opportunity to share their experiences, discuss any difficulties they have had, and develop a support system between the volunteers. As fantastic as volunteering overseas is, participants can also experience culture shock, home-sickness and general frustration. All volunteers will have a mentor that they can speak to throughout their volunteering and they are always able to speak to a member of the Act Global team. The Mid Year Review just adds another platform of support to the volunteers as well as helping them to think about what is next for them and how best to utilise their time.

Final Departure:

To end the experience, the volunteers attend an evaluation training to discuss what they have learnt, what they will do next and what support they need. The training will signpost volunteers to support their further development, as well as a helpful feedback to us on how to continue to make Act Global volunteering experiences fun, educational and overall beneficial.

Please contact us if you need more information about our training courses.

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