What we do: volunteering

As a small non profit organisation, we work with volunteers both locally and from all over the world who help us in running Act Global. For international volunteers we host them in Bali, Indonesia to support our operation there. We also send Indonesian and British young people to volunteer abroad.

volunteering in Bali

Since 2017 we have hosted over 24 volunteers from 9 countries and sent 11 volunteers to various countries in Europe for volunteer service. The project have varied from Media based to working with children in orphanages. The volunteers contributions have been great and together we have had some real adventures. Read more about some of their projects here.

Many of our volunteers also make videos about some of the projects they have been running. Check out these videos and others on our Youtube channel.

In Bali local volunteers are also core to our delivery and support us with numerous activities, events and other logistical matters. If you wish to be a local volunteer also do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

As and when we have placements we will publish the call for volunteering here in our website and Facebook page when available.





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