Volunteering: Sardinia

Sardinia – Italy

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and has a strong unique culture. Sardinia has many historical sights across the island some of which have world heritage status. This placement is based in the island capital Cagliari which holds the balance of being an ancient port in a modern city. Cagliari is a young and welcoming city with a great quality of life. It is very friendly place with a history dating back to the prehistoric times. Cagliari is home to one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in the Mediterranean, the Poetto’s Beach. There are also many lagoons and unspoilt nature reserves which is unique in Europe.

About the Placement:

You will volunteer with TDM 2000 and support their range of programmes. The project aims to promote and support the importance of the cultural diversity and solidarity, as well as providing young people with information relating to these areas. The placement will be broken down in 3 projects which are called:

  1. Impariamo le culture e la solidarietà
  2. International Summer Week
  3. In-formazione: crea il tuo futuro

Through the activity ‘Impariamo le culture e la solidarietà’ volunteers will help school pupils to better understand the diversity of their communities and learn about the richness of intercultural learning. The aim of the placement is to work towards demonstrating the benefits of solidarity in a multicultural society as well as supporting a common empathy of differing values, ethics and cultures.

During the ‘International summer week’ the volunteers will support the organisation to realise one of the most intercultural youth festivals of the Mediterranean. The youth festival gathers together more than 200 people from all over the world, giving a huge impact on the intercultural dialogue among different cultures, lifestyles and realities.

One of the other projects our volunteers will be involved in is called ‘In-formazione: crea il tuo futuro’. Here volunteers will support the organisation of information to young people about various European opportunities in the field. The focus is to inform young people about international mobility and education. This will be done through workshops and radio news broadcasts.

Working on these three activities will make a huge impact to the local community. The EVS volunteers will gain a great deal of experience and learn important new skills through their altruistic voluntarism. They will also have the opportunity to converse with their peers in the hosting community and thus grow as a person in a multicultural environment.

Climate: Sardinia has 4 seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn). The hottest time of year is between May and October with lows of 12°C to highs of 32°C. The coldest time of year is between December to March with lows of around 5°C to highs of 16°C. The rainiest time of the year is between November and February.

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