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Woman in Business: Adhya Sani

, (Nevy Pangestika)

In the end of April, we celebrated Kartini’s Day. Kartini was concerned about the girl’s education and now we can reap the harvest of it. With education, women can do anything, women can get involved in education, technology, leadership, business, and many more.

Talking about women in business, we had a chance to talk with Adhya Sani, she is the owner of POME, hand-made shoes for women. She started the business by herself in October 2019. Most people want to have a business but not everyone is willing to start. Adhya is a young woman who loves shoes, she started the business at the age of 22 years old. The reason to start a hand-made shoe business is that she loves shoes, according to her, it is important to love what you are doing, by then working doesn’t feel like working. 

Not only because she loves shoes, but also she saw the opportunity as there was no competitor in Bali when she started. Her shoe design is simple with solid, mostly pastel colors, giving it a more elegant touch. Being chic is her product’s signature. 

As we asked her the motivation to those who want to start a business, she explained that we have to be brave, most people hesitate to start because they are afraid to fail. Second, she also explained to us that she gives herself a reward after selling 10 shoes for one model, she will get 1 pair of shoes of that model for herself, as she loves shoes, this way she feels more motivated to sell more of her products.

Adhya is also hoping that she can help the local shoemakers by giving them orders from her business. In the future, she wants to help more shoemakers, especially women shoemakers, and be able to give them reasonable pay. She is aware that today’s fast fashion doesn’t favor women, women are being exploited the most. Her challenge now is that her products seem to be more expensive compared to mass product production. But she realizes that she has her market. Currently, Adhya’s business is based online, she markets her products on Instagram and Shopee. In the future, she hopes to have an office and a store.

Adhya believes that it is important for a woman to be independent, and to be able to choose what she wants. It is okay if a woman wants to stay home and be a mom as long as it is her choice if a woman wants to work or have a business. In the end, she believes that beautiful shoes will take you to a beautiful destination. 

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