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World Heart Day – Use Heart For Every Heart

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One of the main cause of death worldwide is cardiovascular disease (CVD), which includes heart disease and stroke. Nearly 19 million people die as a result of CVD each year. In Indonesia, CVD is the leading cause of death.

According to Riskesdas data, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease climbed from 25.80% in 2013 to 34.11% in 2018, coronary heart disease increased from 0.5% to 1.0% in 2013, and chronic kidney failure went from 0.2% to 0.38% in those same years (2018).According to Riskesdas data, those who live in urban regions are more likely to have heart disease than people who live in rural areas, who are only 1.3% more likely. One of the risk factors for heart disease is an unhealthy lifestyle. Here are some example of unhealthy lifestyles:

  1. Smoking habits can harm heart health. Approximately 3000 chemicals contained in cigarettes harm the human body. Nicotine contained in cigarettes can increase heart rate and elevate blood pressure such that it loads the heart. Smoking increases the quantity of carbon monoxide that enters the body, which can lead to greater fat deposits and less oxygen, which can lead to coronary heart disease.
  2. Cholesterol can accumulate in the arteries as a result of inactive lifestyle choices or physical inactivity. Lack of exercise affects coronary arteries and collateral blood flow, which can restrict blood flow to the heart and limit blood supply to the heart, leading to a heart attack.
  3. Unhealthy eating habits, such as overindulging in fast food, salty or sugary foods, or foods heavy in saturated fat. Foods high in fat can raise blood cholesterol levels, which can lead to deposits on blood vessel walls that can lead to coronary heart disease. These deposits can be detected in the blood arteries of the heart.

Heart attacks were unexpected incidents that are typically brought on by a blockage that prevents blood from reaching the heart or brain. A person’s chances of surviving a heart attack are increased if they receive quick medical attention, thus it is crucial to understand how to recognize the signs of a heart attack. Heart attack symptoms include the following:

  • Pain, tenderness or discomfort in the center of the chest, pain radiates to the left arm, shoulder, back, neck such as choking or lower jaw pain and sometimes radiating to the right arm or both arms.
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea, vomiting or cold sweat
  • Dizziness or fainting

In addition to recognizing the symptoms and signs of a heart attack, we need to know how to detect signs of heart disease. Early detection is one way that can help reduce the cost of treatment needed to prevent heart attacks. With early detection and early treatment, we can find out about risk factors for heart disease early. Another risk factor that plays a role in the occurrence of heart disease is hypertension. If hypertension can be detected early, the possibility of coronary heart disease and heart attacks can be minimized.

Early detection that we can do is to check blood pressure and find out the level of blood pressure. Blood pressure can be measured using a measuring device such as a digital or manual blood pressure monitor. If hypertension is detected, it needs to be followed up as soon as possible. Self-care is an early alternative to facilitate hypertension sufferers, adherence to medication and healthy lifestyle habits can make us stay alert and more controlled about the importance of health care if needed. Early prevention can be done to minimize the occurrence of heart problems. Small steps we can take to take care of the heart is to maintain our lifestyle so that our heart can work optimally. How to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy heart? The following are tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and increasing stamina for the heart:

  1. Avoid smoking, As it is known that cigarettes can increase the burden on the heart because the chemical substances contained in cigarettes can cause the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels so that it is very risky to trigger heart disease.
  2. Healthy eating pattern, Healthy eating patterns for health such as consuming lots of vegetables, eating lots of fruits. And reduce the consumption of saturated fats such as red meat, chicken skin, processed foods, fried foods, margarine, and high-fat dairy products.
  3. Do physical activity and exercise regularly,
  4. Before starting core activities, you should take approximately 20-30 minutes to exercise every day. This is because active exercise regularly can help maintain heart health, especially in preventing heart disease.
  5. Get enough rest, Sleeping regularly for 7-8 hours every day can help maintain a healthy heart.

Every year on September 29, the world celebrates the heart. World Heart Day was established by WHF (World Heart Federation) President Antoni Baye de Luna (1997–1999), and it was first observed during the final week of September. After 2011, however, September 29 was finally decided upon as World Heart Day, which is observed annually. In order to educate people about the two leading causes of fatalities in humans, heart disease and stroke, World Heart Day was launched.

Our heart is a valuable asset that we need to protect. The heart is one of the organs of our body that has an important role in our lives, therefore this year WHF invites the world to use the theme “Use Heart For Every Heart” where this moment is used as a warning about the important role of the heart in human life.

Our heart is a valuable asset that we need to protect. The heart is one of the organs of our body that has an important role in our lives, therefore this year WHF invites the world to use the theme “Use Heart For Every Heart” where this moment is used as a warning about the important role of the heart in human life.

Every heart which means thinking differently. To make the right decision. Act with courage. To help others To get involved with this important cause. The heart is the only organ you can hear and feel. This is the first and last sign of life. It is one of the few things with the potential to unite all of us as people.
With small steps such as participating in celebrating World Heart Day, we have taken part in maintaining the life of every human being on earth. Happy World Heart Day!

Written by Anna

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