Y20 Summit Future Leaders Network in Solo, Central Java

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On October 29, 2022, in Surakarta City, at the Surakarta City Hall, the 2022 Y20 Post Summit Pesta Rakyat (People’s Party) event was held. At 16.00 WIB, the participants lined up to scan the ticket barcode and then got a stamp on their hand, and then entered the City Hall.

There are 4 modes provided in this event:

The Book of Communique

This mode is like a digital book on a big screen. Participants can take turns turning the page and reading the contents of the page. One of the contents of the page in the book is an invitation to the participants to protect the earth because the world is not doing well. We need to work together to protect threatened species, manage water resources, and manage and reduce pollution in water and air.

“If I Be” Mode

It is an interactive mode in the form of a room with a size of 3×3 meters and in this mode, there is an empathy-based experience activity. Participants who enter will see a video where participants are then invited to feel the point of view of various types of human problems. In this room, participants saw from the point of view of being depressed, blind, and people exposed to racism. So, from this mode, it is hoped that participants can be more empathetic to other humans so that there is no more discrimination or racism against different people.

Free Youth Hallway Mode

This hallway has a length of 8 meters and is circled with LEDs that will flash according to the tempo of the music playing. Participants who walk in this aisle will hear Indonesian folk songs accompanied by the blinking of LEDs that follow the tempo of the folk songs. Through this vehicle, Y20 wants to invite the participants to realize that young people still have a long way to go to reach the future, so it is necessary to continue to play a role and be involved in building a better world in the future.

The New Face of Digital Government Mode

This mode utilizes interactive body tracking technology to get acquainted with various government applications, one of which is the care and protection application. Participants can move their hands to choose which application to open. To open the application, visitors just need to make a fist and the selected application can be opened. Through this vehicle, Y20 wants to invite young people to know various application technologies as outputs of digital transformation.

          The event began with the Gambyong Dance performed by the UNS Dance Union, followed by remarks from the Chief Executive Officer of, namely Dharmaji Suradika or Aji. Aji enthusiastically welcomed the participants who had attended the Y20 Post Summit Pesta Rakyat, and explained this event is held only once every 20 years. Then followed by remarks from the Regional Secretary of Surakarta, namely Ir. Ahyani, MA, who also opened the Post Summit Y20 Post Summit, the 2022 Pesta Rakyat (People’s Party).

           After the prayer and break time, participants were entertained by a theater performance by the UNS OASE which was then followed by a Communique Discussion which was the core event of the 2022 People’s Party Y20 Post Summit. Krisanti Debora Angelia moderated the discussion as Chief Marketing Officer of with 3 speakers namely Fathin Naufal as Gojek Product Manager, CEO of PT ITK, the second speaker was Suci Hendriana as Head of CSR and Corporate Communication of Paragon Corp and Marsya Nurmaranti as Executive Director of Indorelawan. This discussion discusses the world of work because, after the pandemic, many young people have difficulty finding a job or even losing their jobs because of the large number of job applicants, but the company only needs a few workers. This discussion began with a story from Fathin Naufal who found it difficult to find a job and was rejected after repeatedly applying for a job that was finally accepted as a product manager at Gojek. Then continued the story from Suci Hendriana which tells about the beginning of Paragon Corp. Until then many people knew about the products issued by Paragon Corp.

Followed by Marsya Nurmaranti who introduced indorelawan to the participants to fill spare time or seek experience for young people so that they can always be productive.

            In addition, in the Y20 Post Summit, the 2022 People’s Party also held an MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises) food bazaar that sells various Solo specialties such as selat, and many others. The series of events of the 2022 Y20 Post Summit People’s Party was enjoyable and lively due to the enthusiasm of the participants which added to the lively atmosphere. Hopefully from this event, the participants can learn and be motivated to keep fighting for their dreams and build the nation.


Written by: Amelia N.

Translated by: Nevy Pangestika

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