Training Course


Training Course

Poland, 9-17 September 2018 (Mening Lestari)

In September 9-17 2018, 48 youth consist of eight Asians and Europeans were in Brenna for Bridge between Europe and Asia Called Synergy Youth Exchange which was hosted by Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsourcingu. This program was attended by participants from China, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Poland. Act Global as a partner in this project, sent 6 participants from Indonesia in the training.


Youth Exchange which is supported by Erasmus+, organizes workshops, role-plays, simulations, and outdoor activities. This program aims to allow young people to develop their competences, become aware to current social topics, gain new perspectives by learning new cultures, and strengthen the value of solidarity.

First day of the Youth Exchange program started with a speech by program coordinators from Poland, Alina and Michal. They explained all of the activities that participants will do during the program. Then, it was continued by writing each participant’s fears, expectation, and contribution during this Youth Exchange program.

Next activity was making contract by all participants. Every rule was made by groups that was selected through “Shoe Game”. In this game, every participant had to throw a shoe to a spot. Then, the organizer created each group by how far they could throw the shoes. These groups wrote every rule in a balloon and presented them. All participants decided which rule that will be in the contract and approved it by signing the contract.

After making the contract, the organizer asked all participants to make a line from the oldest to the youngest. Then, each participant had to count from one to six to determine their group. The first task that was given to each group was “Mission in Possible”. This task consisted of making posters, energisers, songs or group dances, as well as images and descriptions of group super heroes.

This program was continued by making canvas. Each participant had to choose between creating business project, business idea, or social project. The canvas contains the project description, project logo, needs, promotion, networking, how to start the project, and social media contact. All of the canvas were hung by participants on workshop room’s wall.

All participants had the opportunity to get to know the culture of European countries, including Turkey; Slovenia; and Lithuania in the “I Culture Night”. During this activity, participants from European countries presented their language, culture, nature, and food in front all the participants.

Participants practiced Yoga together in the morning on the second day. Next, they discussed about non-formal learning method and key competences with Nika Bunziak. This activity was continued by making network for participant’s project based on canvas that they made on the first day.  Participants gained experience in getting to know technological developments and trends in other countries through “IT Tools”. In this activity, some participants were chosen as IT Tools experts and explained one application that they usually use for their business. They explained it in front of one group and switched with another group every 15 minutes.

In the night, Indonesian team introduced Indonesian culture together with Kyrgyzstan, China and Kazakhstan in the “II Culture Night”. Indonesian team presented Indonesian flag, fun facts, and Bhineka Tunggal Ika. They also presented dengkleng, Indonesian traditional game and played it together with participants from another countries. Lastly, they presented Indonesian culinary such as banana chips, fried tempe, tempe orek, rendang, red rice tea, and coffee leaf tea.

On the third day, all participants got to know each other more and strengthen their solidarity through “City Games”. In this game, all of the participants divided into two big groups and had to do some tasks while walking from Hucul Recreation Center. Some of the tasks that they did, were playing energizer, making a human pyramid, and building statue using natural resources.

All the participants also took part in a workshop with Dominica, a lecturer from Poland. This workshop went for two days. On the first session, they made a picture and description about a person that will be their customer. Then, they presented it in front of all participants and determined the customer’s needs. The second session was continued on the fourth day. In this session participants learned about determining customers pain and gain. By knowing customers pain and gain, they created product and services that will be pain relievers and gain creators. In the evening, all participants had dinner with Polish food. One of their food is oscypeck, a smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk. After dinner, participants from Poland introduced Polish game, music, and dance in “Polish Night”.

On the next day, participants did another inspiring activity such as “Human Library”. In this activity, some participants from different NGOs and businesses shared their experiences to other participants. All of the participants also practiced how to generate income in reality on “Sell Your Service” activity. Then, they learned about teamwork through “Short Movie” project. In this project, they had to promote entrepreneurship in 1.5 minutes video.

This short movie was made in two days and showed in front of high school students on the fifth day in Katowice. While we were in there, all participants did robotic project with high school students, mentored by Peter Kantor. It was continued with playing game and having dinner together. Then, they watched all the short movie that participants made before.

On the last day, participants had “Evaluation Meeting”. In this activity, each participants gave score and expressed their feeling about every activity, food, facilities, and place during Youth Exchange. They also wrote their personal feeling and suggestions for this program. Then, every participant had the opportunity to express their feeling by put a letter to other participant’s envelope. They also had opportunity to say thank you to another participants by throwing a wool thread to another participant so that it formed a web that represents a network of participants from different countries in the world. In evening, all participants got their certificate for participating in Bridge between Europe and Asia Called Synergy Youth Exchange.

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