Youth Network For Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Boot Camp

STMIK PRIMAKARA Bali, Indonesia, March 2018 (Public)

Youth Network For Social Entrepreneurship Boot camp took place in March 2018 at STMIK Primakara in Bali and brought together entrepreneurial-minded young people into one room to discuss their goals and entrepreneurial ambitions.


We started off with an ice breaker, asking the boot camp participants to write down one thing they like on one sheet of paper, then explaining this in 20 seconds. It was very fun and exciting listening to unique things that came from each participant, from cosplay buffs to Harry potter lover, eager to tell their favorites.


After we explored our favorites we led the participants into a fun creative session. Hermanto (a programmer from SLAB Games) facilitated the creative game session. He divided the participants into four groups and explained the rules and instructions. He gave one object to the group then each group played game coming up with creative ideas for how the object could be used.. They were then given time to discuss and imagine as widely as possible. During the presentations, we heard the various imaginations of each group, from healthy magic wrists to a spy tool for guessing what we desired. Many crazy ideas emerged and we did not limit their imagination. From the discussion we provided a basic value, without imagination we are incapable of the creative problems solving. Participants understood that building a business is viewed as  hard work and always doing the things systematically. This is all well and fine, but without a strong imagination we can overlook ideas that could grow business by leaps and bounds, by only implementing a few simple changes. Imagination allows us think outside of the box, instead of within the boundaries of what is safe.


The next session of “Setting Your Brand” was guided by Tria, who is an experienced broadcaster, radio program director and project manager for the organization. Tria was assisted by two women in charge for opening and closing a curtain. The curtain was closed if the participant’s time is up. This session was a snapshot of the career and personal brand of the participants summarized in 30 seconds. No, it’s not about speed talking, It was about if we are able to relay our skills and branding ourselves in a memorable way at the drop of a dime. It should express our personal brand in an authentic and memorable way. Interestingly, we saw the participants diverse presentations, there were confident participants who sharing many things, thereby exceeding the time limit of the presentation. We also found some participants became nervous and confused, but the aim was to help them reflect, build their confidence and consider how they present themselves. During the discussion session, the facilitator explained that entrepreneurs need to keep their first presentation simple but memorable to potential investors. We should take care to not overload on information, inasmuch as you’ve got to hope that what you pick and choose makes another person want to learn more about you. Practice is the key, start investing time and effort and over time we get more and more confident. The process of building confidence starts by rehearsing what we want to say and getting used to saying it to people outside of our current circle.


Then, how to start networking? This session is the answer. Reza, a professional business practitioner in the manufacturing industry who  shared the secrets of networking. The participants worked in groups and one was labeled as a bee queen who would take the decision for the group. Each group discussed their needs and sorted out what needs they had to  meet. They took the initiative to find a partner that suits their business. Each group had to be effective in communicating what they wanted, passing messages to another group, with a network mission to find potential business partners. By meeting groups during speed networking, we potentially plug in to the people who know or can greatly expand our ability to connect with the groups related to goals. Building an interconnected group of relationships with others is at the core of a person’s effectiveness both personally and professionally.


After break,  participants worked with their groups to discuss their business ideas using the business model canvas design shared by Reza. The participants designed all of the background, vision, prospects, for a success of business. This model was a way to think and express the most important aspects of a business idea precisely and effectively. The model is a visual snapshot of an entire business. The Business Model Canvas helps us think about all the different types of hypotheses for the business. At this stage this is a  hypothesis because we are unclear if they’re true or not yet. We can’t take the business’s structure for granted and we can’t assume everyone on the team is really on the same page.


The group culminated with pitching their ideas. They began with practicing their pitches to the entire group. The pitch practice was useful to get real feedback from experienced business mentors. The judges (business mentors) for this session were Aini and Sebastian, founders of Act Global, Annisa, a young entrepreneur and Reza, a business practitioners. Participants received some questions and feedbacks to explore their business idea. The groups were very exciting to share their various social entrepreneurship ideas. One  group presented their start up business idea that promoted an online application where people can hire domestic helpers. This application also allows the domestic helpers to find jobs. Hopefully, this idea is not just an idea, but they can result in a real social entrepreneurship concept.
We presented the various events connected to the European project “Youth Network Social Entrepreneurship” to participants. These events consisted of both local and International projects which will includes: a Training Course, Conference, Study Visit, Job Shadowing a local Boot camp, and EVS. This project will  last from September 2017 – August 2019. The projects aim to promote youth worker as a tool to fight against youth unemployment. The young people will have access to entrepreneurship training and learn how to manage a real business through an innovative business simulation game. We give the opportunity to anyone who wants to join the project. For those interested please follow the instruction by filling out the form provided. For now, the application is limited only to volunteers who domiciled in Bali. Forms can be accessed via


During  the last session we relaxed and guided the participants to keep away from their mobile phone. We intended to let the participants rest and not be disturbed by their mobile distraction. The session gave participants the opportunity to stop and reflect on what they learned.  We stretched our hands and feet together and breathed in fresh air and let it out slowly. This session was very relaxing while listening to the participants experience at the bootcamp. In addition to this, it was an invaluable opportunity for participants to network with the new partners and meet people with  diverse areas of expertise. We worked collectively to improve our knowledge on social entrepreneurship. It was amazing how much working with a group of bright young people from various different backgrounds. We thank all the participants who joined the boot camp, and we also want to share our gratitude to STMIK Primakara for hosting the event. We  look forward to more collaborations in the future.


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