Youth Protect the Environment

Voluntary Service

Baku, Azerbaijan, 1st of November 2013 – 31st of August 2014 (Closed and not continued)

The project was an opportunity for 2 young people (Ryan and Tom) to live and volunteer in Baku, Azerbaijan for 10 months. The opportunity consisted of environmental activities, campaigns and presentations, educating the local population about the importance of protecting and maintaining the environment.

Youth Protect the Environment” was a long-term volunteer project that took place in Baku (Azerbaijan). The project hosted 2 volunteer from Denmark and 2 volunteers from the UK for the period of 10 months. The project aimed to promote and supports the importance environmental protection and educate about the effects of climate change and discuss about the MDG (Millennium Development Goals).

The placement was broken down into various activities such as…

  • Raise awareness of the importance of the forest heritage
  • Preparation of environmental actions
  • Organizing various enlightenment activities,
  • Preparing new ecological projects, programmers and campaigns
  • Fundraising for actions and activities
  • Discussions in universities about the ecological problems
  • Creating ecological photo tours
  • Organizing photo competitions and fares

During the placement volunteer supported a local organisation called Spare Academy and local community to develop their understanding about Environmental issues. Volunteers also learned about how this issues have an effect in the country and region, from increased temperature changes, glacial melt in the Caucasus Mountains and pollution in the Caspian Sea.

Task of the volunteer: 

All the activities were coordinated by members of the hosting Association (Azerbaijan Students’ Union) and by local student, who will also provided training and support to EVS Volunteers.

Some to the tasks on the placement consisted of…

  1.  Promote citizenship and integration of young people from local community together with EVS volunteers, advocating good environmental education and habits for a healthy lifestyle
  2. Implement social and community campaigns using non-formal tools, in order to develop the involvement and participation of the youth in society, by boosting youth social responsibility and entrepreneurial skills
  3. Create workshops, events and campaigns that promote environmental education and respect for nature, as well as enhancing the young peoples emotional welfare
  4. Raise awareness among other volunteers and local young people on one the main issue on MDG (Millennium Development Goals) awareness about environment preservation.

Once this project has concluded we will be posting all the results and activities here. In the mean time follow us on Facebook to get an update on our future events and see more stories on this.