An International Youth Team Starts to Map Solidarity in South East Asia

Our new group of volunteers in Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia, Oct 2014 - Aug 2015 (by Julien Goalabré )

After a month of introduction and acclimation to their new environment, the team of seven volunteers from Poland, Italy and France is ready to start the main project they have been recruited for by Act Global Bali: Mapping Solidarity.

Mapping Solidarity volunteers

The aim of the project is to look at the NGO sector in these countries and create a resource that maps what projects exist, where they are and what they are doing. Additional to this, volunteers will support a range of activities from social media to working with children in the local community.

The team aims to create a map of NGO’s in Indonesia and surrounding ASEAN countries in order to facilitate partnerships with a main mission : to improve the efficiency of all the projects having a social and environmental impact.

There are many NGO’s working in different fields, from disaster relief to education or environment protection. All these projects need funding and volunteers and much more, but resources are limited. Thus, it is important to build strategic partnerships based on common goals, values and missions that will mutualize these assets. As a result, Act Global and its European partners managed to create a team of international volunteers bringing different skills to assist the local Indonesian team.

The members of mapping team have a tremendous work ahead of them as the area to cover is extremely wide. Still, the 10 months duration of the project is a chance to achieve a great amount of work. Along with the volunteer research, a strong mission exposure will be needed so NGO’s will be aware of the project and contact Act Global to be pinned on the map.

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