Application for Volunteering

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Please fill in the application form below because we would like to know your profile, your preferences and motivations. Please answer the questions in English.
Note: If you do not fill in the whole application form we cannot consider your application.

Personal data:

The contact details you provide us below will be used for all correspondence!

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Curriculum vitae:

Describe the place where you live
city, town, village; rural, industrial area?; where is it located?; population

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How your friends would describe your personality?

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Present situation
working, studying or something else? When would you be available to start?

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Work experience
Please provide information about previous jobs and you role.

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Volunteering experiences
If you have any experience, please specify in what organisations and when did you do the volunteer work, what type of work was it and what responsibilities did you have?

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Describe your previous experience in foreign countries and your interaction with people of different nationalities and cultures.

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Other experiences, skills and knowledge, education that you have and that you think might be useful for carrying out the volunteer tasks in your host organization.

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Describe the work environment in which you are the most productive?

[textarea name=sql_best_work_environment required=true close=false]

How would you adapt to live in a place with limited facilities (internet/infrastructure)?

[textarea name=sql_limited_infrastructure required=true close=false] [label]English skills
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Other languages
Specify which language and the level

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What are you passionate about?
describe why 

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What are your main reasons for going abroad? Why did you apply for this volunteering project?

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What do you think you can achieve during your volunteering project?

[textarea name=sql_what_can_you_achieve requred=true close=false]

Which difficulties do you think you will have to face abroad, living in another culture with a different set of values and what do you think you can learn from this experience?

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Describe how you imagine other volunteers you are going to work with in your host organisation?

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[label]Do you have any health issues that you would like us to be aware of?[/label] [input name=sql_health_issues required=true] [label]Do you have any special needs
please specify[/label] [input name=sql_special_needs required=true] [label]Do you smoke?
please specify[/label] [radio_list name=sql_smoker options=yes;no ] [label]Do you have international driving licence[/label] [radio_list name=sql_driving_licence options=yes;no] [label]Do you have a passport that will be valid for the time you want to volunteer?[/label] [radio_list name=sql_passport options=yes;no]


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Thank you. We will let you know your application outcome in a few weeks time. Meanwhile, please check out our Facebook page for updates on our events.

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