April, a freaky month

Denpasar, Bali, April 2015 (Susanna Diana)

April, the seventh month. This month was quite lively for me! Me and the other volunteers went to Singapore for a few days, and we had the opportunity to explore a micro-cosmos of different cultures: Indian, Chinese and Arabic, with their own food and their interesting local markets. We stayed in a dorm room all together, in a hostel located in the area called “Little India”. On the last day we spent in this city-state we had the chance to see the popular laser show that every day is hold in the Marina Bay area: it was an amazing play of lights and music! But after a couple of days, I already missed my life in Bali. Singapore is too tidy for me!


When I came back home, in the courtyard there were our new housemates: new volunteers from Estonia, Spain and Macedonia. The challenge of this month was to adapt to the new situation and to the change of house-mates after seven months. One more time…out of the “comfort zone”!

For the occasion, Emanuele and I organized a city game in Kuta: we gave them a list of things they had to find out and spent an afternoon with them stopping people on the street, asking them some information about culture, history and traditions in Bali.
As usual, the local people was really nice with us and some of them even asked us to take some pictures together.
Since it rained for almost 10 days in a row, this month we spent a lot of time at home and we learnt different card games from Spain and Estonia, but also some curiosities about their countries (different life styles  etc.)

In the time we spent at home I also tried to make something useful for the house, like bed side tables with cartoon box, a container for the laundry, etc.
Susy BedSide table

Recently, with the other volunteers we went to Ubud to attend a workshop and learn how to make objects out of plastic bags. I enjoyed working with recycle material, so after a chat with my new housemate, I decided to help her in a project: we will be using our creativity to create nice things with rubbish and deliver some workshop for the local people in the area where we live 🙂

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