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Denpasar Bali, October 2014 (Assil EL Hassouni)

Before I cam in Bali i had already my project. I wanted to teach capoeira in school. I do Capoeira since 7 years but I’ve never teach capoeira before.

How is my capoeira classes ?

For the moment I teach capoeira in only 2 different place. One is an high school, the other is an organisation who take alone kids in the street. I take a real pleasure to do this, I enjoy and kids enjoy too.

Where I sleep ?

I share a house with 3 others volonteer, the atmosphere is perfect, we always find a way for every details in the house. Neihgbours are really nice, we have a little garden with chicken ! It’s in Pemogan in the district of Denpasar.

How is the life in Bali ?

I fell in love with Bali and especially with people in Bali. They are really friendly, they smile and make you smile. A lot of respect, no racism about skin colors, religion…

I integrated very well in the Bali life. The food is good, but you must like the rize.

How is the landscape ?

It’s unbeliveable, sometimes after work we can go see the sunset on the beach, The office is at the middle of two rise fields. Many flowers everywhere. First week we went in a day trip to see two temple and a monkey forest. It was really good.

Assil Main

When do you have to go at the office ?

The hour is like 11-6 with a lunch break. And when you do somethings in your project in the extra times you can go earlier or come later at the office one time. For exemple when i do some capoeira classes and in finish at 7 I can leave the office at 5 the next day.

The atmoshpere is good we laugh with Sebastian Aini Diana and the others volonteers and at the same time we work.

Which work you do during you office hour ?

We do some resaerch of different Island in Indonesia, we write a blog, monthly report, and we work on our project.We have all different project, personnaly I do some video editing, don’t worry if you don’t have a computer Act Global give for the volonteer a MacBook on free-use.

To conclude, I feel good in Bali !

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