Bridge between Europe and Asia Called Synergy Training

Local Training

Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia, 7th July 2018 (By Trisna and Nisa)

Getting started with writing a business plan proposal is one of the most important things you can do before run a business. Together with Udayana Young Entrepreneur Community, Act Global Indonesia created a local training event with the theme “Business Plan Training for Young Entrepreneur” at the Agrokompleks Building, Udayana University, Denpasar, Bali.

Business Plan Training for Young Entrepreneur

The main aim of the business plan training was to find out how to take a concept and putting the ideas into writing, which means  creating a business plan. Making a plan of action, building a road map, and creating sales tools. Beside this, the aim of training was also give an opportunity for young entrepreneur to enrich and gain their experiences by studied abroad in  Poland next September.

The local training activities consist of 30 participants made up mostly of university students who engaged in activities that were taught using the methods of non-formal education.

The activities were broken down into three sessions. We began with creative game session which  talked about their personality. Participants spoke together in pairs about the things they like (hobby, favorite colour, and etc) while at the same time were asked to draw some part of their partners face as instructed by the trainers Indah Setiya Alam and Trisna Darma Putri. The purpose of the games was to make sure all the participant got to know each other better.

The next session was talking about the Group Task. The Presentation material was given  and guided by Trianingsih and Reza Noegraha. The aim of the task was to discuss about entrepreneurship, taxes obligation in Indonesia also the opportunities and threat that youth entrepreneur faces  develop their own businesses.

Last but not least was an  activities introducing how to create a  Business Plan lead by our speakers, Reza Noegraha and Annisa Fauziah. After this local training finished, all the participants of the training were able to write their own idea into business plans, reflecting on the services or goods their business would provide and how to structure this into business plan proposal.

With this local training, we hope that the participants have become more motivated to realized their own idea into business plan proposal, enrich and enlarge their knowledge and approach to entrepreneurship, and will contributed to the youth movement in Indonesia for a stronger economy in the future, while also creating a positive vibes in the environment.

After this local training activities, Act Global will be selecting the best business plan ideas from the participants and giving a chance for some to participate in a youth mobility experience in Poland in September this year, where they will have the chance to connect and establish partnership with  the Asian and European Youth Entrepreneurs.

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