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Bridge between Europe and Asia called Synergy

Training Course

Indonesia, Turkey, Poland, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Slovenia, February 2018 - June 2019 ()

AIM: To build mutual cooperation between young entrepreneurs from Europe and Asia through raising the capacity of youth organisation about how to empower young people for entrepreneurship; giving young people a chance for their ideas about both social and sectoral enterprises which will result with an establishment of an online platform – tool of communication and cooperation for the young entrepreneurs from Europe and Asia.


  • To create a bridge between European and Asian young Entrepreneurs for sharing experiences, know-how in the field of entrepreneurship and will give a real chance to establish real business partnership – To create space for building international partnership and planning future cooperation in the business and social fields
  • To raise the Capacity of Youth organizations and Youth workers about Youth empowerment
  • To create a positive background to underline and practical application of European Values during every step of the project with the perception of the importance of the cultural dimensions in the partnering countries
  •  To raise visibility of the Erasmus+, European Commission and Europe itself through the national and international implementations in Asia
  • To discover and learn how to use the opportunities which could be used to catalyze the business ideas in Europe and Asia
  • To find, develop and enhance the synergy which comes from the intercontinental cooperation between young entrepreneurs
  • To spread social entrepreneurship models in the Asian local communities



We have designed our activities under 4 Work Packages (WP) which are

  • Administrative & Partnership WP, lead by Polish Partner in cooperation with Indonesian Partner
  • Training & Capacity Building WP lead by Turkish Partner in cooperation with Kyrgyz Partner
  • Local Studies WP, lead by Slovenian and Kazakhstan Partners
  • Dissemination WP, lead by Lithuanian and Chinese Partners


Manager of the organization and an active youth worker from each partner will attend a 5 days meeting in Indonesia.

The meeting will have 2 dimension

• Planning the whole project in details together with all partners such as Activities, methodologies, selection of target groups, learning outcomes, Corporate structure of the project, visibility PR and dissemination strategies

• Having the opening event of the project which is planned to be a Seminar about Youth Entrepreneurship at Global Level and the Role of Youth Works


1-day meetings with 30 Stakeholders of youth field like Representatives of NGO’s and Public bodies dealing with youth, Academicians, Youth workers etc. The aim is to discuss the current situation in the country. Topics will be Youth Entrepreneurship in European Countries and Youth work & Non Formal Education for youth empowerment in Asian Countries.


3 people from each (2 youth workers who will be implementing local training and mentoring the local studies and 1 young person) will attend in 6 days ( excl. travel ) Training Course in Istanbul. After the Training Course, a training Manual is going to be prepared by Turkish Partner in order to guide the youth workers during the Local Training.

4.  LOCAL TRAININGS – June/July 2018

After the Training Course in Turkey, there will be 2 days Training holding in each Country. The Training will be about youth entrepreneurship and will be run by the Youth workers who participated in Training Course . 30 Young people will participate in Local training in each country. After the Local Training, the Local young people will be expected to create social and Business ideas under the mentorship of the Partner organizations. The youngsters who develop specific and innovative ideas will be chosen as the Participants of Youth Mobility in Poland.

5. YOUTH MOBILITY IN POLAND – August/September 2018

( 5 + 1) people from each Partner come together in Poland for a 7 days (excl travel) Youth Exchange in order to meet with potential Entrepreneurs from Asia and Europe, to share the ideas with each other, to experience multicultural communication and to see good examples of social enterprise by visiting some organizations in Poland.

6. LOCAL STUDIES BY YOUTH – October/December 2018

The Participant youngsters of youth Exchange are expected to run a social or business initiative in their locals. They will create the social media channel for their idea and make PR. The ones who get more followers/visitors/comments will get the chance to go to China for the Eur-Asia Young Entrepreneurs Summit.


The youngster who did the best Local Study, The most active youth worker within the project and The manager of Partner Organisation, in Total 3 people from each partner will attend in a 4 days Meeting in China. In 2 days of the meeting, a Summit about Youth Entrepreneurship and Euro-Asia Cooperation Opportunities for Young people will be organized.

8.LOCAL SEMINARS FOR DISSEMINATION – April 2019 One day seminars for 80 people will be organized in each partner country. The participants of the seminar will be young people, youth workers, Fact Finding Conference Participants and others who are interested in Topic.

9. FINAL EVALUATION MEETING IN KAZAKHSTAN – June 2019 2 Participants from Each partner, 1 manager or Youth worker and 1 young person will attend in a 4 days final meeting in Kazakhstan in order to evaluate the whole steps of the project and to make future plans to sustain the partnerships built in the Project.

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