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Denpasar, Bali, January 2015 (Natalia Wyrwinska)

At the end of January we hosted a seminar. As a „video – women”, during this intensive week, I was mainly taking a footage and later on, editing it. You can see result here –


And maybe it would not be so special if not the fact that I was also able to work with very professional equipment – ZOOM microphone and a really cool photo camera. I feel like this developed my skills at editing and I also learned something new again. And this is really cool feeling!

Besides of this, I also started to teach English at one of the public school. I need to admitt, at the beginning, I was quite stressful even though I already gained some experience in teaching area. Kids are super sweet and nice but those are kids, and teaching them means that you need to stay at very high level of energy. And that is challenging. Surprisingly, some of them are really good at speaking English. One of the girl was so fluent, that at some point she took a role of a translator between me and other kids, supporting my work. Polish – Indonesian cooperation 🙂

Besides of this, we also try to spend our time in the best possible and explorative way as the time in Bali is not endless :/ Together with Italian volunteers, I took a part in a concert, organized by Tolak Reklamasi movement. Tolak Reklamasi fights against the plans of building a kind of holiday resort (another one!) in Benoa Bay. That would not be very surprising if not the fact that building plans says about complete destruction of neighboring mangroove forest! Imagine this! It was a huge relief to see that not everything is for sale in Bali and some people here (quite many!) really care about our beautiful island.


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