Woman in Business: Adhya Sani

, (Nevy Pangestika)

In the end of April, we celebrated Kartini’s Day. Kartini was concerned about the girl’s education and now we can reap the harvest of it. With education, women can do anything, women can get involved in education, technology, leadership, business, and many more.

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Akademi Hijau

, (Agnes Irawati, translated by Nevy Pangestika)

Akademi Hijau is an environmental education and training program for schools and communities to achieve sustainable development.

Akademi Hijau was founded at the end of 2018, the Founder is Muhammad Abdul Manaf, and the Co-founder is Kusuma Wardani, they both concerned due to the Indonesian environmental conditions and the absence of environmental education in the Indonesian school curriculum. Also motivated by the YSEALI (Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative) program.

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Girls Support Girls in Education, Economic and STEM Webinar


, (Nona Au Waling)

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the way we do things drastically, it forces us to adapt over this new reality and it compelled us to move forward and progress.  In this pandemic situation, here in Act Global we are continuing to work on creating webinars and workshops online. We simply believe, our action to create an online webinars or workshop will make changes and make the world a little bit different. So, on 27 March 2021, Act Global designed a webinar entitled “Girls Support Girls in Education, Economic, and STEM” which invites speakers from three different fields.

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Jiwa Community Garden

, (Nevy Pangestika)

A community garden is a plot of land gardened by a group of people. Gardening  with a group of people, friends and family is a fun escape from your computer monitor, it reduces stress, give us the opportunity for a workout, and you learn to grow organic fruits and vegetables!

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The Moment of Lift: The Moment of Reflection

Volunteer's blog

, (Nevy P)

“I think it’s great if women want to stay home. But it should be a choice, not something we do because we think we have no choice.”

            Melinda Gates is well known as the wife of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, not only that, she is also a philanthropist, businesswoman, and global advocate for women and girls. Reading her book, The Moment of Lift has really increases my awareness and reflects on what many women have been suffering from. And here is why?

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Raising Communities for Change: a talk with Blue Bear

Be Inspired

Bali, January 2019 (EVS Team)

Every project produces an impact: on the physical landscape, on the natural environment and on the community. A new enterprise construct new buildings or renovate existing ones, use natural resources, create new job openings and income for families. Despite this, many entrepreneurs look at their own project only from within, paying attention in structuring carefully its internal organization, without looking at the complex network of social relationships and dynamics that it will directly impact.

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Building Opportunities, Demolishing Barriers: a Talk with Diffago

Bali, December 2018 (EVS Team)

Entrepreneurship is not only about business, it’s about vision and passion and it constitutes a powerful tool to trigger positive change in the society. The question constantly swirling in the head of the entrepeneur is: “how can I make the world better?” More sustainable, more efficient or more equal? What kind of tool is needed?

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Building Connections for Change: Interview with Mantra


Bali, December 2018 (EVS Team)

The environment is rarely perceived as a luxury. Water and air surround us: they are everywhere, plentiful and free of charges. Due to this overall perception, worries over man-made climate change have been met with mild attention or utterly discarded. However, surveys and researches show us that our planet resources are far from unlimited and our actions today will leave to future generation a far poorer earth.

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