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Baku, Azerbaijan , December 2013 (Tom )

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks. From visiting more parts of the city to working part time in the United Nations office, these few weeks have become a learning experience both socially and in my education. To begin with, the new EVS participants arrived for their weekly course. Each person has a very unique charm about them and seemed very eager and happy to arrive in this beautiful city.


We had a great time exploring the sights taking lots of photos and it was a pleasure to meet each one of them. They all have a very colourful past with unique experiences and I learned a lot from them. However, it hasn’t all been fun and games. There have been a few arguments and some people have been getting slightly agitated, but so far nothing major has went wrong and they are all a pleasant bunch of people.

It was very interesting working in the United Nations. Okay it was only office work, but it was a pleasant experience knowing that it was part of something bigger and I hope to continue with this.

It has been slightly difficult to break out of my comfort zone and engage with the new participants as I suffer from being a bit anti-social. However, meeting the new people has helped me a little to engage on personal level. On each project there has been these ice breaker games. I admittedly find these games very awkward and silly as they tend to involve jumping up and down and answering personal questions. The new arrivals seem to enjoy them and to me it’s always good to see others smile. I think people perceive me as distant and awkward, but from my perspective it helps to get an outsider view and see things in a different light.

As for the city, I traveled to the coast of Baku where I saw the Eurovision stadium as well as many giant wheel ride things. I also saw a carpet museum and the flame towers up close. Everything in Baku is beautiful, from the lit up buildings to the old/new city. Being here for me is an interesting time in my life. I hope to continue to develop more in a personal way and break away from my anti-social tenancies.

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