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Community: Seniors Involved – International” (CSII) 

Training Course

Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesia, 2020 - 2022 (All young people aged between 18-30)

Modern world and ageing societies go hand in hand. However, this situation causes problems. One of such challenges is to keep up with psychological wellbeing of the elderly, which is decreasing because of lacking social life and ways to contribute to ever changing society.

The project consortium believes that the topic of seniors’ inclusion is overlooked by NGOs, although those organisations have (or can get) a set of skills which is perfectly suitable to work not only with youngsters, but also with seniors. Or, ideally, with both groups together. Ini partnership between Indonesia, Lithuania, Philippine dan Uzbekistan

Therefore, “Community: Seniors Involved – International” (CSII) aims to create a special programme in which youth workers would include seniors in their work with youth (or youth would join the activities in the seniors’ centres). This way the youth would get a chance to learn from-, foster empathy towards- and deepen the understanding of the older generations. Whereas, the elderly would get to spend their time more purposefully, as well as learn from the youngsters.

To be more exact, CSII seeks to:

(1) foster opportunities for intergenerational learning in the participating countries;

(2) raise the qualifications and competences of youth workers who could work with intergenerational groups;

(3) boost youngsters’ empathy, respect and social responsibility concerning older generations;

(4) improve local youth work by involving seniors; and

(5) re-integrate older generations by involving them to activities together with youth; thus, increasing their well-being.

Having achieved these objectives, CSII would: 1) solve/reduce the problem of social exclusion of the elderly; and 2) narrow the communication gap between generations. Not just in the short-term, but in the longer perspective (with the help of the planned outputs – methodology, online platform, youth contest, mutual mentorship programme & a festival).

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