Cultural learning in Baku

Volunteer Blog

Baku, Azerbaijan , February 2014 (Tom)

To begin with, my time here has been really fun. I have met some incredible people from all kinds of backgrounds all over the world. From the Netherlands to Turkey, Russia to the Ukraine and Georgia to Belarus. Each person I have met has expanded the way I think and my view on nationality. Every new person brings a unique charm and charisma which I am very thankful for.


My time exploring the city has been great. Baku has some breath taking views around the city, it really is a beautiful place. There is lots to see including tea houses, cafes and cool little bars. Baku is a very interesting multi-cultural city, highlighted by the fact that there are lots of old churches, mosques and synagogues. There is also the Eurovision song contest and endless statues celebrating Azeri poets, historians and old leaders. Exploring the ancient old town is very interesting as it has an worn down, ruined castle and walls which have been here for over 800 years. Within the city I met some fantastic locals telling the very engrossing history of Azerbaijan and the struggle of their people.

Volunteering here also gave me the opportunity to work with the United Nations office. I have been assisting with the paperwork and experiencing first hand how the U.N. operates with companies around the world.

To conclude, the time I spent here in Baku has been amazing and very educational. I have gained invaluable first hand experiences and massively improved upon my social skills.

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