Earth Day 2019

Earth Day

Uluwatu, Bali, April 20th 2019 (Nevy and Nada)

On Saturday, April 20th 2019 ACT Global team were invited to take part on the Earth Day 2019 Celebration that was held by ROLE Foundation at Zero Waste to Ocean Community Environment & Skills Centre.

The location has a very stunning view, it’s very far from the crowded city, being there was absolutely an escape for us who live in the city. There was several activities that were held by ROLE Foundation to celebrate the Earth Day including drawing competition for children, upcycling competition for the youth, and interactive eco tour. We opened our booth to introduce ACT Global to the youth who participating in the Earth Day 2019 Celebration. Not only opening booth, but also we can join the interactive eco tour in the community centre. There were also several other booths (eco bazaar) like scarf from the “Weaving Future” program of ROLE Foundation, bracelets from Bali WISE, free plastic shop, bamboo straw and toothbrush.

The drawing competition started at 9AM, there were about 40 children who participating in the drawing competition. They were very excited to be in this event and competition. We interviewed some children about their feeling for the competition and what did they think about Earth Day. “For me, Earth Day means we have to preserve our earth, and we have to make everyday Earth Day”, said one the children. The committee leader and a ROLE foundation volunteer also explained to us that ROLE Foundation organize Earth Day celebration annually and this year theme is “Save Our Species”, and we hope that we can educate people easpecially  the younger generations about how important it is to preserve the Earth.

During the competition, the guardians of the children went around the community centre for the eco tour. The tour consisted of natural dyes workshop, soap recycling workshop, and paper workshop. There was also a ‘jamu’ booth which visitors can try the ‘jamu’ (Indonesian traditional herbal drink),

In the natural dye workshop, we learned how to use natural colorant from plants for example indigo and mahagony. We can utilize used fabrics (generally white color). Fast growth of fashion industry has made the global textile industry one of the most resource intensive in the world, causing toxic pollution, and waste. By sourcing recycle materials and natural dyes, we can offset the damage to planet and our people, so it was good to be able to know the natural dyes process.

In the soap recycling program, we learned how to recycle soaps that were collected from the hotels. The process of soap recycling consists of destruction, sanitation and reconstruction, ROLE Foundation then distribute these soaps to orphanages, disadvantaged and poor people, who lack access to the hygiene products

In the paper recyling workshop, we learned how to recycle paper from used paper. Recycling papers has benefits both for human and earth, recycling papers reduce the number of trees that are cut down, save space in landfills as paper makes up a huge solid trash in landfills, recycling paper saves energy because the number of energy intensive steps and processes that use water are reduced.

During the eco tour, not only we can join the offered workshop, but also we can see other Zero Waste to Ocean Community Environment & Skills Centre facilities, such as composting area, seedling hut, and marine area. We can learn about making seed balls in the seedling hut and get to know about the plastic in the oceans in the marine area.

The drawing competition finished at 12 PM, the judges judged the result based on the connection with the theme, after the announcement of the drawing competition, the next schedule was upcycling competition for the youth, this competition was a group competition. The competition started at 1 PM and finished at 3:30 PM. There was also a face painting booth, where we can get it for free, there were many visitors queued to get it while waiting for the upcycling competition finished.

By the end of the upcycling competition, the participants showed their creation and the visitors can vote them by giving them a star. The creations that got the most stars got a special award, and the judges also judged all the creations based on it’s usefullness.

After the announcement of the upcycling competition, there was a quiz related to the Earth Day and we can get special prize from Mӧvenpick. We ended the event by taking a group picture together and we can adopt a tree as long as we commit to take care of it.

What we learn from joining this event is that we have power to change the world, it is very important to teach children and younger generations to preserve the earth and environment, because earth is our only home, and for older generations, its never too late to make a change, we have to make everyday an Earth Day!

Written by Nevy. Photos by Nada.