Empowering Young Disabled People to Take Action in Europe

Training Course

Bala, Wales , 15th to 22nd December 2014 (Participants from Portugal, Netherlands, Romanian, Greece, Italy and the UK)

Just before Christmas in Wales 2014, participants from five countries came together to gain experience and skills in engaging with blind and vi (visually impaired) young people. This one week course taught how to guide, risk assess and make adjustments to activates to support inclusion.

Group trying on the vi glasses

This course developed in partnership with the UK charity Victa Children aimed at working with organisations that develop non-formal education on an international stage. As an organisation we identified that numerous organisation are developing international projects such as Exchanges, Training Courses and European Volunteer Service, but only few of them have the skills and capacity to support blind and vi young people. This course aimed to support this fact and reduce the fear of working with these young people on such activities.

Participants presenting their findings

The course started by looking at all the different impairments that exist so participants we aware of the different needs and how this effected people. We then moved on to the practicalities of guiding. In the first part of the week participant practiced guiding each other did numerous activities blindfolded such as a high ropes course and making food together.

Making a meal blindfolded

By the end of the week we were joined by a group of blind and vi young people who came from Victa Children. The weekend was spent engaged in a number of sports and outdoor activities from rowing on the lake, rock climbing, bowling, swimming etc. The weekend was fun for all and gave our participants some real world experience in how to guild and plan activities with these young people.

Being a international project the course also had a cultural aspect to the project. One night involved intercultural presentation where each country had to present their country and culture in a way that was inclusive and engaging. The presentations were great and one participant from Greece even used his passion for 3D printing as a method for showcasing his culture and history.

It was a wonderful and emotional week in North Wales and participant and the group from Victa all left with new skills, cultural awareness and a lot of new friends.

A big thanks too all those that participated and our international partners that made their participation possible.

Our partners for this project:

  • HYP Learning, Greece
  • Asociatia Babilon Travel, Romania
  • Associazione Studenti per la Citta, Italy
  • Autonomia e Descoberta, CRL, Portugal
  • The Exchangeables, Netherlands


Group Picture

Check out the videos of this project too:

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