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, (Written by Pudak Sari, translation by Nevy Pangestika)

Starting from the founder and partner (Lolot Band manager) conversation about planning and the desire to hold a virtual concert and make new breakthroughs in the Indie music scheme, Cokorda Ngurah Junirath aka Cokrah succeeded in presenting a social media platform called Konserku with a special feature of live streaming concerts using the ticketing system.

This application has been available for download on Android and iOS since August 2020, “So far the existing platform does not have features that can accommodate ticketing or privileges yet, that makes the audience feel special. What we know is that we really miss live concerts because of spontaneous actions, which is unique to each of the Artist’s characteristics that we can’t pay for just by tapping or setting the video”, asked one of the digital marketers from Konserku, Pudak Sari.

The services owned by this startup can be said to be quite complex, starting from making it easier for users to log in using a Google account or Apple ID that is already on each smartphone without having to sign up, then there are facilities such as social media in general, adding friends, uploading photos and captions, and giving likes and comments on friends’ posts, purchasing live streaming concert tickets that can be accommodated with One Gate Payment such as e-wallets (OVO, Dana, Link Aja), bank transfers, credit cards, and the nearest Alfamart, which makes it easier for the users to purchase tickets.

And finally, for business actors or startups who want to advertise their products in the Konserku application, the application has a responsive advertising billboard that appears on the main page of all users, the billboard can be tapped and will immediately lead to the link or website that has been registered through Konserku admin, for the advertisement can be accessed on the contact us tab for each user.

Furthermore, it is a significant difference between ordinary users and artists. During the registration process, the artists can use the feature as an artist to create their fan page and their advantages to do live streaming. However, not everyone can register as an artist, make sure you have a band that can be verified by my concert team.

“So far we have collaborated with bands, event organizers, live stream studios, schools and colleges, the music community, and all parties who wish to hold a live concert. With the profit-sharing business model, we hope that our presence can help the Indonesian economy. Until now, there are 49 artists who have done live streaming will continue to grow every month.” Cokrah optimistically hopes that it can be a useful platform and help those in need, both locally, nationally, and internationally. Even during a pandemic, we have to continue our innovation, maybe on the other hand we lose our business, but when we try to produce new things and work together everything will be easier.

Currently, Konserku startup already has business legality called PT. Konser Digital Indonesia and has several people who are in charge of the marketing team, digital marketing team, live streaming team, and application maintenance team. With practitioners who have been in the world of music for years and practitioners from event organizers, this team feels solid and reliable.

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