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From the Balkans to Bali

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Denpasar, Bali , April 1st to June 31st (By DImitar Taseski)

I got my idea for a project when I came here. Inspiration came to me when I realized that no one know anything about the Balkan countries, and also about the history and language of those countries too. This gave me the idea that I had the opportunity to realize here. Of course first I had to discuss with my hosting organization and to present my idea and how it would have be realized. My hosting organization responded very positively, so with pleasure and a lot of hope I started preparations for creating this project.


The first thing I did was a detailed timetable of how I will realize my idea. During that time my host organization found a place where I delivered my sessions. First I started with presenting the Cyrillic alphabet, even I was surprised how willing the participants were and positive about it. All the positive feedback gave me even more motivation to continue with the realization of my idea. I then started to teach participants how to write the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet. Again this surprised me because participants quickly learned how write the Cyrillic letters.

StrugaAfter participants learned to read and write Cyrillic I started to present words that they can make and use in their daily life. So now they know how to handle basic words when they find themselves in a situation where you have to use the Slavic language group. So possibliy in the future, if they will apply for a job or if they will want to establish their own business or project, they will have an advantage over others. This is because they now have the knowledge of a language from the Slavic group, which will make them more competitive. I believe that the knowledge of any language makes humans richer.

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