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Before you apply

Before you fill this application form, please read the project details on our “Upcoming projects” page, to make sure that you fulfil our initial selection criteria. Please email if you have any questions.
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Your details

The contact details you provide us below will be used for all correspondence!

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Do you have any special needs or requirements that the host organization should know about?

(E.g. mobility, medical needs, allergies, dietary restrictions, smoker/non-smoker)

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Language(s) spoken:

Please mention all languages in which you are able to work and indicate your level for each of it (B-basic, G-good, VG-very good, F-fluent, MT-mother tongue)

Please note that working language for this course will be English.

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Please describe your experience as participant in the Youth in Action Programme:

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What is your experience in the topic of this training course?

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What is your motivation for attending this programme?

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What do you expect to gain from this programme?

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Where did you learn about this programme?

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Anything else you would like to add in support of your application?

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Thank you for your submitted application. We will contact you at least 5 weeks before the event to let you know if your application is successful or not. Please note that you should NOT buy or book your tickets before the selection process and without our confirmation from the Act Global Team.

Meanwhile, please browse our website to read more about us and our projects. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – check the links on the footer of this page.

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