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Voluntary Service

Italy (Sardinia), 1st of October 2013 – 30th of September 2014 (Closed)

The project sent Thom from the UK to live and volunteer in Cagliari, Italy for 12 months. The opportunity consisted of various cultural activities, workshops and presentation that shared the benefits of intercultural learning as well as promoting the benefits and opportunities available for other young people from the European Union. Once this project has concluded we will be posting all the results and activities here. In the mean time follow us on Facebook to get an update on our future events and see more stories on this.

“Get inspiration for your future!” was a long-term volunteer project that took place in Cagliari (Italy). The project hosted and involve 5 volunteers for the period of 12 months. Thom from United Kingdom also joined volunteers from France, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. The project aimed to promote and supports the importance of the cultural diversity, solidarity as well as provide young people with information related to these areas. The placement was be broken down in 3 project which are called…

· Impariamo le culture e la solidarietà (We learn the culture and Solidarity)

· International summer week

· In-formazione: crea il tuo futuro (In-training: create your future)

Through the activity ‘Impariamo le culture e la solidarietà’ volunteers helped school pupils to better understand the diversity of their communities and learn about the richness of intercultural learning. The aim was to support a common empathy of other values, ethics and culture and throughout the placement work toward demonstrating the benefits of solidarity in a multicultural society.

During the ‘International summer week’ the volunteers supported the organization to realize one of the most intercultural youth festivals of the Mediterranean. The youth festival gathers together more than 200 people from all over the world, giving a huge impact on the intercultural dialogue among different cultures, lifestyles and realities.

One of the other projects volunteers were involved in was called ‘In-formazione: crea il tuo futuro’. Here volunteers supported the organisation of information to young people about various European opportunities in the field. The focus was to inform young people about international mobility and education. This was done through workshops and radio news broadcasts.

The projects aimed to foster non-formal competences and soft skills needed for young peoples personal and professional development.

With the 3 activities of the project gave a big impact to the local community and the EVS volunteers also gained a lot of experience and new skills through their voluntarism, they also has the opportunity to exchange with their peers in the hosting community in a multicultural environment.

Task of the volunteer:

All the activities will be coordinated by members of the hosting Association (TDM 2000 ) and by local volunteers, who will also provide training and support to EVS Volunteers. Volunteer will receive training a support to be able to deliver these projects.

Activity 1: Impariamo le culture e la solidarietà

This activity consisted of preparing, implementing and the evaluation of activities conducted in primary schools in Cagliari.

Through non-formal education session’s volunteers supported pupils to explore the variety of cultures existing in and around their communities.

Some of the tasks volunteers were asked to organise were as follows:

1. Selecting volunteers for other associations, schools and classes to be involved in the project

2. Giving presentations and showing videos about culture in general as well as sharing about some of the voluntary work
the association is involved in

3. Delivering activities in schools and creating post-activity reports

Activity 2: International Summer Week

This activity consisted of planning and implementing an International Summer Week. This event takes place every summer in Sardinia and has done for the last 14 years. The event brought together about 200 young people from all parts of the world to participant in the event.

During the week participants had the opportunity to learn about cultural norms and break some common stereotypes. The event also aimed to enhance the community’s cultural understanding by allowing them to get in touch and interact with different cultures.

Volunteers formed a part of a committee that looked at improving organisational, planning and management skills. The project consisted of several phases…

1. Promotion at the international and local level

2. Supporting participants and management local partnerships

3. Preparation, delivery and evaluation of events

Activity 3: In-formazione: crea il tuo futuro

The activity was focused around creating information and training about opportunities available to young people from the European Union and other organisation at the local, national and international level.

This was delivered through a range of traditional information session as well as training activities on non-formal education opportunities and international mobility. Volunteers also used media such as Radio to support this cause.

There were different stages for this activity,

1. Preparation of activities and content for them
2. Creation of a video and informative sessions
3. Attendance of local meetings
4. Presenting information for a radio broadcast
5. Material collection for the creation of a DVD

Once this project has concluded we will be posting all the results and activities here. In the mean time follow us on Facebook to get an update on our future events and see more stories on this.


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