Girls Thoughts About Sexual Harassment

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“Stop exaggerating, it just a joke”. 

“I said that as a compliment, you should be happy about that”.

Have you ever heard words like that every time your friend or you receive words that make you feel sexually harassed? Some words that refer to sexual things are usually meant to tease or get closer to other people. These habits are understandable when entering a normal conversation. Although it is considered normal, there are still many girls who claim that this habit makes them uncomfortable. Most of them also claimed that they did not dare to confront directly to prevent conflict in a social circle.

But what kind of words that make you feel sexually harassed? Why don’t we just laugh with that ‘joke and compliment’ so we won’t ruin the atmosphere of our social circle?

Therefore, we present the girl’s viewpoints regarding verbal sexual harassment. Their names are written in pseudonyms to protect the security of each other’s privacy.

What do you know about verbal sexual harassment?

KW2, 22, College Student

Verbal sexual harassment, in my opinion, is harassment in the form of spoken sentences, where the sentence contains elements that are condescending, disparaging the opposite sex (not only women, anyone can be a victim), and categorized usual thing even for the victims, because there is no violence/physical evidence that they have been harassed.

P, 23, Digital Marketer

Usually, it starts with catcalling or calling in an impolite way. Then if it is not responded to, they will use words that even more impolite.

Have you ever experienced verbal sexual harassment? What kind of words that make you uncomfortable so they can be categorized as verbal sexual harassment?

Akeno Ryu, 25, Private Employee

Sentences stating that I don’t have breasts because I am thin and don’t like wearing tight clothes, as well as other inappropriate statements about genitals that are personal. There was also a man who jokes about his pants zipper is open and asked if I would zip his pants.

Ponyo, 21, College Student

Yes, some boys that I don’t know approached me and said, “can I ask your number? Where do you go, pretty? I can pick you up.” Then, they were whistling loudly and laughed so hard.

What kind of words do you think deserves to be called a joke when socializing?

Jiji, 20, College Student

The joke that does not discredit gender and race.

Suty, 21, College Student

A sentence without mocking and judging purpose.

Akeno Ryu, 25, Private Employee

Sentences that are not consisting of sexual things, because a sexual thing is a personal right. It is a different story when you and your friends have the same consent about that. Even sentences that offend the whole body are not suitable to be used as a joke.

What kind of sentence do you think deserves to be called a form of compliment when socializing?

Cimili Wikiti, 21, College Student

A sentence that is not sound like excessive praise. I don’t like it when people say, “You are pretty, you are hot.” Please, I am not a kind of chili.

Tiara, 21, College Student

A sentence that truly shows appreciation without hidden meaning.

What was your reaction when you received verbal sexual harassment words?

Melati, 22, College Student

I am offended and just confronted them

KW2, 22, College Student

My body and mouth remained silent, but my face could not hide my feelings about it. I forced my mouth to smile wryly while laughing in a flat tone to prove that the sentence was not funny. Sometimes when people are the same age, I still dare to say, “What do you mean?” But when the boss says those sentences, I can only remain silent while trembling.

Aoi, 22, College Student

I felt not comfortable and wanted to respond sarcastically.

Jiji, 20, College Student

Honestly, I didn’t know how to react.

Do you have the same thoughts? However uncomfortable the words we hear, don’t let those words determine the value that is within us.

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