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Bali, Indonesia , May 2014 (Rocio)

Almost in the middle of my EVS, fearing the moment when Pedro, from my sending organization INTERCAMBIA, writes me asking me to start looking for my flying tickets! The time go so fast and I still have a lot of things to do here…

Ro3 Main

I’m just recovering myself from  a surgery… around three weeks ago I had to practice what I learnt about the insurance process because I cut one of my foot’s tendon with a glass of water that felt on the floor… At first, we thought it was nothing because it was a tiny cut… but I couldn’t put up my thumb…So I finally decided to go to the doctor… and he, smiling, told me: When do you want the surgery…? I really thought that he was joking, but, no… after three weeks, having cards from three different hospitals and using  the bandage and crutches, now I can finally walk and restart my normal life here.

Luckily, even having my family and friends far from me,  I have another little family here who have been taking care of me… Thank you very much for washing my clothes, cooking me a delicious breakfast every morning, kidnap me, make me laugh, support me, carrying me to go up the stairs or sleeping in the hospital with me. THANK YOU. I’m so glad to have meet so nice people here J

Even having some difficulties to walk, these days a lot of amazing things were going on in Bali, and I couldn’t miss it. For example, March was a moth full of ceremonies because balinese people were getting ready for their New Year’s celebration on the beginning of April when we could enjoy the Festival of Giants (Ogoh-Ogoh) and Nyepi day.

Life in Bali is not just temples and beaches, we spend most of the time planning our sessions at the office, this process ca be boring sometimes, but I think it’s necessary, we are creating our own project and we are learning  a lot from it.

Now that I’m starting to feel myself better, I can finally deliver all my session and I’m so happy about that.. I really need to work with the kids. My two main projects with them are CREATIVITY and ENVIRONMENTAL, in both of them I try to teach them English, positive values, and new topics for them using non-formal education methods and learning a lot from them.

Maybe the most difficult thing for me here, when I try to deliver my sessions It’s the language, even thought I’m learning quite fast, the difficulty for me to plan a session in English and Bahasa Indonesia, when I don’t perfectly control none of them it’s a challenge every day, and this fact makes me feel that I’m learning and growing so much every moment I spend here.

Sorry for my English mistakes, you know, I’m learning. Have a good day!!

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