How to Find Yourself Through Meditation

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Have you ever felt confused about what you want? Or maybe stress with the current situation? You should be able to know yourself. How to get to know yourself? One way to know yourself more deeply is by meditation. Meditation can help you increase your self-awareness and understand your thoughts, emotions, and motivations more clearly. Can meditation be used as a vessel for self-knowledge? To answer this question, Act Global held a virtual study session with Izzuliyah Nur Baitullah, S.Psi., CMF, on Saturday, March 11 2023, with the theme “Meditation to Know Yourself.”

Izzuliyah Nur Baitullah, S.Psi., CMF. is a psychology practitioner who is currently active as a Senior Trainer at PPT MSDM Kuncoro Leadership Training Consulting ®. In addition, she actively studies and explores the science of Meditation, Mental Health, and Women’s Issues.

The Learning Program begins with an explanation from Izzuliyah about the meaning of meditation. The general meaning of meditation itself is to feel, think, and understand everything deeply. According to a study, everyone has done meditation without realizing it. So how about meditation as a vessel for self-knowledge? Since childhood, humans are used to going out of themselves to find answers to what they are experiencing. Meditation can stimulate oneself to see and dive deeper into oneself in order to know and understand how oneself is fully.

In addition, meditation also has good benefits for the body. When meditating the body will feel relaxed both physically and mentally. That way meditation can relieve stress that is in yourself. Meditation can improve concentration and focus. Meditation can also increase 28% of human cognitive ability, so that it can develop human intelligence. When we meditate our body cells will experience regeneration which will allow us to avoid or treat several diseases.

When you want to reach a meditative state that is easier, it is advisable to choose a place that is clean, quiet, and smells good. When meditating, you should wear clothes that are comfortable, clean, and of course not disturbing. Meditation can be done at any time, but there are two best times to meditate, in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. In the morning, the air is still clean, the atmosphere is still calm, and you can organize a better and more productive day. Whereas at night, the best time for self-reflection is after a day of activities, thanking and apologizing to yourself.

Breath is the most important thing in meditation. Why? Human’s greatest gift is to be able to breathe freely. Enjoy free oxygen. So important, breathing in meditation has its own technique. There are chest, upper abdominal, chest abdominal, and lower abdominal breathing techniques. You can use one of the most comfortable breathing techniques for meditation.

You can position your back straight but still relaxed when you start meditating. Position the hands of semiloka or say the intention for the meditation to be carried out. Place your open hand on your thigh. While the position of the lotus feet or self lotus. Legs crossed with the left foot on the thigh of the right leg. During meditation, the body remains relaxed and focused on the breath.

At the end of the study session, Izzuliyah guided the participants to practice meditation. There were various participants’ responses after the meditation ended. Starting to remember the past, various colors appeared, until he experienced indigestion. It’s normal to happen after meditation, especially for the first time. The session was closed by delivering words from Izzuliyah, quoting from her teacher, Puguh Dwi Kuncoro, that “The farthest journey of a human child is the path to himself.”


Written by: Mulyani

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