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I am not in a hurry

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Bali, December 2018 (Cristina)

That the sun rises and hides at 6 o’clock is normal, that it is 30 degrees on average, to see women making offerings or that every plate of food has rice is also normal. After a month and a half here some things that stop being exotic have become a daily presence.


It is not so difficult to change habits if you want to immerse yourself in a new culture, but we are not going to fool ourselves, from time to time we make an escape to eat pizza.

This quotidianity in which I am immersed is shaped by several factors. The first is the group of volunteers with whom I live, work and spend part of my free time. It may seem like we are spending too much time together and sometimes it is, but they are wonderful people, with whom I am lucky enough to share this experience. There is a lot of communication and we know how to respect our times or how to unite our points of view for the complete development of the group project. What project? Well, we are researching about youth entrepreneurship on a social, sustainable and creative basis in order to make a documentary and a festival with the results. We have found our main focus: “Entrepreneurship is a tool to solve problems”. Now, we are working on the narrative and how to relate all those inspiring projects that we have been getting to know in order to tell a coherent story.

Beside the group project is my persola project: what I consider my island, a space of calm and learning that I don’t want to share. My island is called Ibu Darta, a woman of about 70 years with whom I spend Wednesdays learning to make the different crafts for the offerings, she teaches me and I help her.  We drink coffee and watch the soap opera while our hands work. The conversation is limited, she knows little English and I know little Indonesian, but we understand each other and even laugh.

My intention is to make a video that collects the techniques, forms and function that offerings have in Balinese culture and I want to do it through the eyes of Ibu Darta, record their processes and results, but I am not in a hurry, first I want to share and learn with her, understand the symbolism and tradition that these objects collect.

I am not in a hurry, for the moment I am filling myself with experiences, images and sensations that are registered in my way of being.

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