If You Want Something, Go Get It


Braga, Portugal, (Harun )

‘If you want something, go get it. Period.’.  That was my favorite line from The Pursuit of happiness. See, like Chris Gardner, I did exactly what he did and now I am living my dream.

It has been a week, I live here. In Braga. One of the finest city at Portugal. Here is slightly thing about Braga, located in the far north of Portugal, it is not a big city, people used to talk about the city in a way about its religious heritage and events. You could find medieval Braga cathedral in the city center and to the east there is Bom jesus Monte.

It is really fantastic here.

And it has been a week, I live here in Braga. Still in adapting period. Because it is so different here. I mean for me, who spent his 21 years of his life doing Indonesian things and now everything is different. It shocks me maybe, but sure I need time to synchronize all part of my body and my mind.

It is time who changes things indeed.

It has been a week, I live here in Braga. I like to stroll around the city with a bicycle my housemate lent me. It is very nice of her. I like to go around without looking at the map. I don’t know, I just like the challenge of memorizing the place or the road that I get into. Another thing is, I like contour of the city of Braga, it gives me lot of steep and it is really fun to ride on

It is mind that keep you moving.

It has been a week, I live here in Braga. I like to spend my afternoon at a park named Parque the Ponte. it is near from my house, and I like to go there, choose the long table at the corner of the park, sit for a few hours, sometimes listen to some music or a book to read, see some couple fight over something, see the old lady with a green blanket waiting for the bus, hear the bridling of the birds and so on. Spending time there was one of another bliss.

It is being there, to see, to hear and to learn that could make my memory.

It has been a week, I live here in Braga. to live my childhood dream, to spend 6 month of my puzzle life, to do something great, to make something useful, to create many things, to be a European, to go all around Europe, and maybe dare to dream higher.

It has been a week, I live here in Braga.

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