Improve Theoretical and Practical Capacity of Non-Formal Educators

Training Course

Turkey, 29th April - 5th May 2018 (Written by : Trisna and Nisa)

Turkey has a unique geographical position, lying partly in Europe and the majority of its land lying in Asia. On the 29th of April until the 5th of May, Act Global sent three participants to take part in an international training course programme located in Izmit, Turkey. Izmit is a city in Turkey and is, the administrative centre of Kocaeli Province. According to the 2011 census, the city centre has a population of 300,611. Izmit is by the sea and has lots of amazing scenics places liked Seka Park.

The training course was the beginning of a long-term project which is being coordinate by Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsourcingi in Poland. Act Global Indonesia as one of the a partners in this project sent 3 people (include 2 youth workers and 1 young person) to join the training course, in total there were 24 participants from 8 different countries (Indonesia, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China).

The training course was aimed at non-formal educators from each country who are participating in the “Bridge Between Europe and Asia Called Synergy” program. The participants chosen for this course learned how to train young people in their own countries about entrepreneurship and how to develop a series of local trainings which they would deliver back in their own country throughout the year.

The training course also improve both the theoretical and practical capacity of non formal educators. Throughout the training program, there were several components discussed during the training, which were:

  • The method of experiential learning theory
  • Countries realities related to “Entrepreneurship” theme
  • Learning needs analysis and program design
  • Method development/adaptation
  • How to evaluate & assess projects
  • Using technology in education to working in multicultural teams

Several activity of non formal learning had been done during the training course, such as character building, team building, group dynamic, and sharing experiences. The learning process used a variety of spaces both in and outdoors. Those activity enriched the creativity and curiosity of participants with the materials delivered.

Each participants in the training course came from different background, which create a dynamic vibe for the session. Each participants was welcomed by the Turkey team at the Airport and helped transport then straight to Izmit. Izmit is  located in the west side of Turkey by the sea.

The participants got the chance to join an activity called the city hunting program, this lasted for several hour and each participants was divided into four different groups. During this activity, each participants gained new knowledge and experience about Turkey especially about the city of Izmit. During the city hunting programs each group was given some task, they need to find some information about the city by asking  local people which made they more enthusiastic to explore the central city and the administrative centre of Kocaeli Province. One of the tasks allocated to the group was to learn how to make traditional Turkish tea and coffee, as well as tasting some Turkish cuisine and learn a bit about the history of several place in Turkey.

The culture exchange programs went on after dinner time on the second day. Each country representative showed their country geographic, culinary, traditional and costumes.  Every representative country had different ways to show example of their culture, so used traditional dance, drama, songs etc.

Every representative country gave some information about the entrepreneurship condition in their own country. After that, we had a discussion about the role stakeholders play in entrepreneurship development and entrepreneur success, showing figure from each of the country. Mehmet Volcano, one of the trainers explained, that in order to become an entrepreneur you need some skills, strong  motivation and also you need support from various parties.

During the training course in Izmit we also discussed about future plans for the course  after Turkey. Each representative country demonstrated how they will deliver local training in their own country after getting back from the training course. The local training will be adapted based on the  capacity and skill of local training in each representative country. The local training will then also be adapted to meet the reality of each country of what the participant needs are.

From the 4th until 5th of May 2018 the participants participated in a study excursion to Istanbul, Turkey. There were several places visited in Istanbul, such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. All the participants were very excited about the studied execution.  As a group we decide to go across from the Asian side to the European side by boat, which gave us an amazing view of the city. We were astonished with the ancient building, history and culture of Turkey. Next we went to explored the Hagia Sophia Museum and Blue Mosque Museum, after that we also went to visit another place to explore and buy some food and gifts in Grand Bazaar, the most famous place to visit in Istanbul.

The Grand As Hotel located in Kadikoy area of Istanbul was chosen as the final place to finish the training course about entrepreneurship. We will miss our moments together, our memories and all the time we spend together during the training. We gained lots of experience, acquired new knowledge, learned a new system that we during the training, and we learned so much about Turkey. As well as Turkey we learned so much about  the other countries that joined the project. Our laughs, our happiness, our togetherness, this will always stay deepth in our hearts and we will always remember it.


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