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Intergenerational Talk: Don’t Be afraid to Dream

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Act Global team was honored to meet Mrs. Lidia and had a talk with her for the CSII project. The purpose of this intergenerational interview is to share life experiences and how we as youth can learn from the seniors.

Mrs. Lidia is 42 years old. She was born in Jakarta and lived in Depok. She dreamed of traveling the world when she was in secondary school. When she was 18 years old, she went overseas for the first time to Singapore as a trainee on a cruise. After that, she came back to Indonesia, then worked in Australia. During her transit in Bali, she dreamed of living in Bali one day and now she has been living in Bali for more than 10 years. She is a writer, business coach, and personal mentor. And has achieved her dreams by traveling to 50 countries now. And on her child’s birthday, she always takes her to a new country.

Her life wasn’t easy, when she was little, her parents had to sell their house and she lived on rent, having to move every 2 or 3 years, and she had to say goodbye to her friends often, and communication technology was not as good as today. She also had to adapt to a new environment often every time she moved too. But she is still positive that she has many friends. That’s why she dreamed of having a house for her mom and 10 years after her high school graduation she achieved this dream.

She likes adventure since she was little, she was active in scout and nature lovers club. Her dream job was being a flight attendant because she thought it would allow her to travel the world. But she ended up being a crew member on a cruise, it might not be exactly what she wants, but still able to travel the world. She advises the youth to never stop dreaming and make it happen. Speak, and write your dreams, and make it happen.

Before she had her business, she got many achievements every year from the company she worked for. But now, her achievement is when we can do something for other people, she believes that being smart is a choice, but to make other people smart is an obligation.

Currently, she has published 5 books in which she writes with some other writers. She is pro women’s empowerment and currently mentoring more than 20 women to write a book. She believes women should be successful before getting married. As a single mom, she also wants to break the negative stigma about a widow.

Her life principle is to be strong no matter what happens and every day is a new day. She always learns from her mistakes and emphasizes that it is very important to prepare and ask people to collaborate. In the end, she keeps reminding us to never stop dreaming, and don’t stop before we achieve our dreams.

Interviewer: Agnes Irawati

Written by: Nevy Pangestika

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