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Job Shadowing Social Media Literacy for #womanrights: Memory in Madrid

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Earlier this month, Act Global represented by Harun and Dhania followed the Job Shadowing Program of Social Media Literacy for #womanrights in Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain. The program lasted for two weeks. Starting from 2nd to 14th August of 2022.

The participants of this program came from Thailand, Spain, Indonesia, Cabo Verde, and the Dominican Republic. This Job Shadowing program is a series of activities for the project Social Media Literacy for #womanrights.

During the second week here in Madrid, not only did we still work on the task that Camilla gave in the first week, but also we had to finish the guidebook of the project, as the guidebook is still a little bit messy, we gathered with the Thailand team to discuss how to get done with the book. Eventually, we figured it out and divided the task so everyone can work together. And as usual, we finished working at 2 pm, and the rest of the days were spent editing the video and relaxing.

Even though we have been in Madrid for 7 days, it feels like the day went fast, and we only have 6 days left in this city, and as it is on the 9th of August filled with working on the previous task. Right now, finishing the guidebook becomes our priority cause it needs to be done before this job shadowing ends.

As the participant in this job shadowing, we were responsible for several tasks during the weekdays, but we were so glad that the host let us explore and do some cultural visits. I mean, we are in one of the biggest cities in Europe, we shouldn’t miss this opportunity to enjoy and savor the time while we were here. And some people already recommend to us that we should pay a visit to the museum in Madrid.

And that was what we did on the 8th day in Madrid. In the late afternoon after work, we went to the Prado Museum. Prado Museum is the biggest museum in Spain, and one of the museums that have the most collections on the entire continent, and the best thing is we can visit it for free at a certain time. For your information, you can visit Prado Museum for free from Monday to Saturday between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and on Sundays between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Visiting Prado Museum was one of the best experiences we ever had in our life. It still felt like a dream. I mean to witness directly with our own eyes the renaissance art and its beauty, I feel so amazed. I like how the Prado Museum gave us tenderness, warmth, and emotion of being in the center of the century of the Renaissance.

Other than that, trying to understand the meaning of the paintings is also a blessing, looking into details and the story behind the art was a breathtaking moment. But, it was too bad that we cannot see all the collections in one visit and it has become the most remorseful feeling Harun had when he arrived in Indonesia. So that was our little visit to the best museum in Spain. Actually, Madrid is filled with so many museums, but too bad, we cannot visit all of them due to several reasons.

On the 10th of August, during working hours, the guidebook process was already finished and Ton sent it to Bosco. We also manage to finish the editing process of the first blog and the vox pop video. The task that Camilla gave us also has been done, so we got a chance to work on an Instagram post for the social media literacy for women’s rights campaign. We create an introduction to online gender-based violence. In this digital age, it is important to know that there is a new form of gender-based violence.

In the late afternoon, we went to Madrid because there was a festival that happens during the summer. We went to visit the Fiestas de Lavapiés en Madrid. The fiestas take place in three very traditional neighboring districts, where 19th-century buildings, some with courtyards, and chaotic yet charming streets are all the rage. The history and tradition of Madrid cannot be understood without the famous ‘verbenas’ or open-air festivities, three of which are held in succession in neighboring districts during August. The celebrations begin with San Cayetano (4th to 7th of August), in the Rastro/Embajadores área, and continue with San Lorenzo (10th to 12th of August), in Lavapiés, before concluding with La Paloma (13th, 14th, and 15th of August), in La Latina. Music, theater, culture, and delicious food all come together to pay tribute to the saint who is also remembered in religious acts held in the little 17th-century church dedicated to him.

In the next following days, we went to visit Segovia on the 13th of August. We drove to the location with Andrea and her friends from Spain. The journey to Segovia was very beautiful because we avoided the taxed roads by taking beautiful mountain trails. We drove for about an hour before arriving in Segovia. Segovia was a historic city in central Spain’s Castile and León region, northwest of Madrid. Its centuries of settlement have left behind a plethora of architectural treasures, including medieval walls, Romanesque churches, a former royal palace, and a Gothic cathedral. We took pictures of the scenery while touring the lovely city of Segovia. The day trip was fantastic.

Apart from the building and the place that we visited, this job shadowing program also brought us a little closer to our friends. We were so humbled by the hospitality of the host organization in this case Adevis Juventud Internacional and Camilla. In the first time we arrived, Camilla picked us up and brought us to the hotel. We also would like to say thanks to Camilla for choosing a nice comfortable room for us to stay, with its kitchens set, we had a great time to cook and save the money.

Beside of that, were so glad to know our Thailand friend, Ton and Tik, they were a fantastic person and easy to ask for help. The two weeks of this job shadowing would be different without them, and also Andrea, wouldn’t mind accompanying us during all the cultural visits. Yes, it was true, happiness only real when it is shared.

On Sunday, the 14th of August, it was going to be the last day before heading back to Bali. It is a little bit of a mixed feeling, we feel like we want to stay, and continue to explore another part of Spain, but on the other hand, we kind of miss Bali a little bit.

That is the story of the jobs shadowing program in Madrid starting on the 2nd of August till the 14th of august 2022. And our flight to come home is on the 15th of August and we will arrive on the 17th of August.

Isn’t it funny, we can leave the city, but in the end, the memory will stay.


written by Harun and Dhania
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