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Denpasar, Bali, April 2015 (Natalia Wyrwińska)

So here we are in April, just in a middle of our 10 – months program. During this time we all were really busy as our visa required us to go outside of Bali for a short moment. Don’t get me wrong, Bali is great but East South Asia also has so much to offer! So I decided to combine a visa trip with my holidays.


This city is a perfect example of what human being can do (or build) when has a lot of money. Extremely clean streets, even cleaner underground IMG_2420stations, amazing architecture and great cuisine. Welcome to Singapore! Through walking (yes, you can actually WALK there) around the city we saw a lot – IMG_2515Botanical Garden, Marina Bay, National Museum, Little India and China Town and many more. But what was in my opinion the best thing about this place, is food! A huge variety of great food we discovered in Lau Pa Sat almost made us cry.. Situated in the middle of one of Singaporean business centres, Lau Pa Sat serves Korean, Chinese, Indian, vegetarian & vegan dishes.. Everything! Not only fantastic taste but also affordable prices made me feel like heaven.





Going to Malaysia was an interesting experience. The biggest country of Malay Pennisula (and the most hated one in Indonesia) surprised me with really high level of cultural diversity due to presence of Chinese, Malay and Indian people (food again!). Maleysia, due to several oil sources, is also very well developed. Public transport works well and almost everybody can speak English (at least at communicative level). What about its sites?

IMG_2396Malaka is a cultural and artistic center of Maleysia, where you can, look out… ride a bike! It is such a nice difference after riding only a scooter in Bali.. This city is also a home for Nyonya cuisine which combines Chinese and Malay cooking traditions and results with one of the best in a region pork IMG_2502dishes. After Malaka, I moved to Cameron Highlands – evergreen, cool mountanious region with picturesque tea plantations. And finally – Perhentian Islands. Cute, little islands with a great dive sites and great, small beaches.

But not only about sightseeing I would like to talk about as there is a lot of travel guides available on the market. Duiring this trip I had an occasion for a first time of my life to travel alone. After I said „Good bye” to Stefania and Katarina, I get ittle bit scared. What if I get robbed, bored, tired and nobody is around. But on the way I met so many people, that from now on I will recommened travelling alone to everybody! It is a great way to check and open yourself. Hum.. where I go next?