Mangsi Grill Master: The Taste and Innovation from Mangsi

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Mangsi Teuku Umar, February 2020 (Public)

“We want Mangsi to become a culinary business that can adapt in every era”. How long would you like to sip your coffee at your favorite Coffee shop? How long would you like to eat your pizza at the restaurant? Why don’t you go to the same place that can serve both? Well, ”Mangsi” is the answer, because of this Food and Beverages business provide more than that. We would like to introduce you to “Mangsi Grill Master”. What is Mangsi ? Where we could find it?

Here is the answer 

The word “Mangsi”(combustible ashes) comes from the old Balinese language is a business that focused on Food And Beverage (F&B). Mangsi was established in 2013 the owner of Mangsi is dr. Windu Segara Senet . The CO-Founders of Mangsi are Dr.Kadek Dwita Apriani and Dr.A.A.N Perwira Redi. 

The story begins while Windu decided to choose his way to be an entrepreneur after he finished his medical studies in 2013. 

Mangsi Grill Master’s Co-Founder, Kadek Dwita Apriani is a lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Udayana University whose work to develop strategies based on data for research to provide Mangsi’s innovative services. For her, ‘data is the new oil’ because at the moment the data and research results are the most important thing in maintaining the running of the business. This is because oil was considered to be black gold in the past. After all, it was needed at that time. At the moment, data is as valuable as oil.

Mangsi Grill Master’s Co-Founder, Perwira Redi has a technological background that plays a role in marketing systems and even employee recruitment. Windu, as the founder of Mangsi got inspiration from his father. He is the coffee distributor for Krishna Hand gifts shop. Mangsi was built on a small space store that used to be an Air Conditioner Service store before. But since then, Mangsi has been improving its business from only coffee shop to the grilled master restaurant. Mangsi has been changing its company names at least three times in 2015 “Mangsi Restaurant and Coffee” then in 2018 “Mangsi Grill and Coffee” and the last in 2019 to “Mangsi Grill Master”.

The company is trying to utilize all parts of the coffee plant. Utilization of parts of coffee plants that have been realized are :

  1. Utilization of coffee beans as a coffee beverage.
  2. Utilization of wood on the coffee bar for baking pizza because based on the results of existing research, roasting pizza using coffee wood produces pizza with more delicious taste.
  3. Utilization of coffee leaves as a garnish on the Mangsi Grill Master menu.
  4. Utilization of coffee bean skin as grill sauce (this is also a form of reducing the waste of coffee bean skin which is difficult to process).

Maximizing utilization of resources gave the idea to change Mangsi’s image not only as a café for drinking coffee, but also a restaurant.

Mangsi also has narration to introduce their products with the Mangsi philosophy to their target market. During the development of Mangsi Grill Master, they made PT. MAKNA GEMILANG INOVASI, that called Mangsi. The name of this company is representative of the fields and characteristics of Founders and Co-Founders in building Mangsi Grill Coffee.

 Mangsi created an information technology system for recruiting workers that establish a good system in the work environment and make it easier for them to get workers who are truly committed. The company is building a human development system for all personnel to encourage the desire to develop and always give appreciation in improving the quality of Mangsi Grill Master’s services.

As written above Mangsi Quoted that “We want Mangsi to become a culinary business that can adapt in every era”. Mangsi gave a special lesson for everyone. For Mangsi, adapting is important, everyone needs to open their mind and keep learning on what they want to achieve in the future. Adaptation ability is very important for an entrepreneur. And the next thing an entrepreneur needs to notice is about how to build people’s development in their company. It is risky because the company without good people’s development would not work as well as the one with really good people development in it.

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