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Baku, Azerbaijan , November 2013 (Tom )

Why I chose to do EVS: I choose to do EVS (European Volunteer Service) because the program gives a lot of opportunities that normally would not be available anywhere else. It offers a great sense of adventure as well as the opportunity to meet fantastic people along the way and experience different cultures.


From: Dover, UK

Volunteering in: Baku, Azerbaijan

Age: 24

About Placement:  I volunteered with the ASU (Azerbaijan Students Union) planning projects centred on environmental issues, religious differences as well many more projects the ASU are involved in.

About Baku: Baku is a fast developing city that’s undergoing many social and economic changes. The city itself is an enormous beast in which there are many places to see from monuments to museums. There is also the old city, shesa shops and many more places to visit. The bus rides alone are a small adventure when travelling from point a to b and it’s a worthwhile experience . The people here are really friendly who won’t hesitate to help you out. There are plenty of shopping malls towards the city centre. It seems the tourist industry here is making a fight to make sure you can buy anything from accessories to clothes, and any item anyone needs. I believe this makes Baku the next must see tourist destination for any traveller.

My accommodation: The accommodation at first was a bit worrying because nothing seemed to work. However, after some time everything seemed to get moving and now the flat I stay in is my home away from home. I couldn’t be happier with the way it has turned out.

My social life: From the night life to the cafes, the social life here is amazing. It is a great place to meet new people and socialise.

Learning the language: I have found the language here is a bit difficult. It has many pronunciations and different dialects which make it, at least for me, one of the most difficult languages I have come across.

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