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Denpasar, Bali, November 2014 (Assil El Hassouni)

I can’t trust thats it’s real. Why ? I’ll explain.

We travelled outside Bali ! First time and probably not the last time. We went to

Gili Trawengan. It’s a small island, we went by fast boat, and there is something special in this island ; there is no car. I needed this ! People travel by horse, bike or by walk. The island is really small, it’s more convivial ! And…. there is no policeman ! I didn’t know that was possible !

gili bali

Then I travelled inside the island……by motocross ! Like I said in my last blog I met a lot of new people, then they invite me for a road trip with them, it was crazy ! We went in the jungle of Bali, in off-road! After that we got flat tire but it was not only a hole the tire was actually ripped off ! We was looking for mecanic in the middle of nowhere, that’s was fun !


There was a event of break-dance, it was a show by my friends and…. french people. It was good to see french people, I liked this moment, it’s occasion to exchange with new people.


My capoeira classes goes very well, I’m thinking to do a show in February maybe, I hope I can teach enough to perfom with a public.



Thank’s for reading see you soon

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