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Denpasar, Bali, December 2014 (Emilia Cendrowska)

Ain’t gonna lie.. december was tough. A lot of work, travel and also mess in the personal life, but from week to week was getting better and better, what made me survive this month. When u r 14000 km away from your family and friends sometimes is hard to deal with some problems, looking for support around and dealing with what is on your plate, isn’t always the easiest mission. Nobody said that this 10 months gonna be easy, everybody got their up and downs, but the point is too look for the good moments and always try to keep your head up. I am lucky, to have great people in my life, that no matter what they are always there to support me, even here in Bali.

IMG_1844So meanwhile I was trying to keep my head busy, i had my first trip to Jakarta, which was tottaly awsome. I went there with my friend for a dance event. The weekend turned really good because accidently we had occasion to participate in the event ‘ I AM REBORN ‘ made by NGO „Peazmakers” from Jakarta. It was an event who deliver dance workshops, parkour, streetball freestyle and dj classes. The whole thing was really interesting, those people get together kids from the getto and just teach then about Hip Hop culture. I was really happy to be a part of this event. I shows the reality of the local life and teach us how to be more humble.
IMG_8561 - CopieWhats god news on the event i went to i get into the semi finals, and just when i came back from Jakarta next weekend there was another event when i took 1st place. So I guess all my worries i put into the dance.

2nd part of December was a new experience. This whole X-mass and New Years Eve thing.

Honestly I was a lil bit lost coz, I didn’t feel that much this Christmas atmosphere as much as in Europe.. but still, in the middle of the day where is 30 degreez u can hear some songs playin like „ Jinge bells” etc. Funny thing. I was missing my familly a lot tho !

For conclusion… no matter where u are and how busy you are, its important to have your friends and familly around you! Never forget your beloved once.


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