Indonesia’s National Blog Day

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Blog is short for Weblog, this term was first used by Jorn Barger in December 1997. Jorn Barger uses the term Weblog to refer to a group of personal websites that are continuously updated and contain links to other websites they find interesting accompanied by comments.

In other words, weblogs can be interpreted as a collection of personal websites that allow their creators to easily display various types of content on the web, such as written works, collections of internet links, documents (Word files, PDFs, etc.), images or multimedia. There are also those who define a blog as a personal site, which focuses more on the description of the person who created the blog itself. Along with the development of weblogs from time to time, the notion of weblogs will develop along with the ideas and wishes of the Bloggers. Bloggers are the creators of Blogs. Where, through blogs created by bloggers, the blogger’s personality becomes more easily recognizable based on what topics are liked, what are the responses to the selected links in it. Therefore Blogs are very personal.


Blog History

The first blog was most likely the “What’s New” page on the Mosaic browser created by Marc Andersen in 1993. Mosaic was the first browser before Internet Explorer even before Nestcape. In January 1994 Justin Hall started his personal website “Justin’s Home Page” which later turned into “Links from the Underground” which may be called the first Blog as we know it today. Until 1998, the number of existing blogs was still very small. This is because at that time it required special skills and knowledge about website creation, HTML, and web hosting to create a Blog, so that only those who were involved in the Internet, System Administrators or Web Designers who then in their spare time created their own Blogs.


The source of this information of interest is the internet. Computer networks in this part of the world are able to present complete and actual information, which covers almost all aspects of life. The use of internet services in Indonesia continues to increase. The benefits of the internet as a solution to streamline various interests have been felt by many people. Judging from these conditions, internet technology has also developed. One of them is a blog where with a blog we can expand the relationship of friends / acquaintances to form a large community. And it can be used for business purposes.


Indonesia’s National Blogger Day

October 27 is designated as Indonesia’s National Blogger Day. National Blogger Day was first proclaimed by the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, Muhammad Nuh, on October 27, 2007 at the opening of the Blogger Festival that year. Four years later, Pesta Blogger has turned into an On Off Indonesia (OnOffID) event. National Blogger Day is a moment that can remind bloggers to revisit their blog, update it, so that at least there is a refresher.

Today Indonesian bloggers are celebrating National Blogger Day with the hashtag #berkatngeblog on Twitter, which contains their testimonials on the benefits of blogging. Testimonials with this hashtag started last night (26/10/2011) and are still continuing to this day.