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Online Workshop: Productive with TikTok Apps

, (Trisna Darma Putri)

According to APJII (Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia), The number of internet users in Indonesia has risen to 73.7% of the population. The majority of users access the internet more than eight hours a day. During the current pandemic situation, the majority of online content accessed was educational content. The internet is also used to access communication messages, games, online shopping, and social media. TikTok is one of the social media that is getting more popular today.

TikTok users in Indonesia are increasing. According to Sindonews.com, throughout February 2021 Sensor Tower recorded TikTok as the most downloaded non-gaming application, with downloads of more than 56 million times in January 2021. TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video with a mission to inspire creativity and bring joy.

Through the TikTok application a variety of content ranging from education, culinary, education, entertainment and others can be accessed by users. Currently, the TikTok application is not only used as an entertainment application, but many business actors have switched to using TikTok for marketing strategies to increase brand awareness of their products or business. TikTok also is used as a promotional media with creativity customized to business needs and self-development.

On the 18th of April 2021, Act Global create an online workshop entitled ‘’Belajar Produktif Bikin Promosi Dengan TikTok’’ which invite a speaker from Incubator Business Tohpati BDI Denpasar and Facilitator of Entrepreneurship, Mahendra Pramadhitya. This workshop aims to get to know the TikTok application and tips for developing products, brands, and careers on the TikTok platform. The workshop is divided into two sessions. The first session was delivered by a speaker with a topic about introduction to TikTok apps and why choose TikTok.

Our speaker explained TikTok is important for personal or business because users and audience grow significantly, then it is easy to find followers, likes, views, and comments, and also the opportunity to become a content creator available.

Next topic, we learned about TikTok’s algorithms, which divide engagement to users and engagement to content/video. There are several algorithms in TikTok including Matriks (likes, comment, view, and share), Video Completion rate, and Video Rewatch. Our speakers give tips on creating content in TikTok by maximizing the effort to create a video so users want to watch it until it’s finished and make users interested in reading the comment section.

Next session, we learn about Step by Step to create content in Tiktok. It is classified into three steps including :

  1. Pre Production: It’s all about things done before creating a video content including research of what kind of content we will create, and searching for niche market about the content we will create)
  2. Production: Find out about what type of tools used for recording the video, research about what type of song will be used, is related to our content or not? Then make sure about the duration of the video and prepare the script before taking the video as well as the shooting technique. About caption, please make it short, maximum include three hashtags, and create a caption that makes users curious.
  3. Post Production: Evaluate the video that has already been published. Be consistent with our niche market for video content. Don’t forget to share link videos in other social media apps.

Lastly, before our class moved into the Q & A session, our speaker, Mahendra, explained the importance of social media content planning. It is about tips on posting content videos on TikTok at what time it suits best and the possibility of going into FYP. Also, social media checklists are important to consider, like a daily checklist, it can be replaying comments and direct messages, monitoring hashtags, post schedules for the next day, and so on. On the weekly checklist, we can analyze compatibility content that we have and monitor why our video is not in FYP.

Last but not least, every month the checklist is about making content planning and what kind of content we are going to create.

In the nutshell, we learned and gained new knowledge about TikTok including how to use it effectively to maximize our business and personal account on TikTok Apps. TikTok is an entertaining and insightful platform.