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Denpasar Bali , April - June 2015 (by Eeva Variksoo and Kristina Kraani)

At the moment we are getting close to finishing our project here in Bali. From the start me and Kristina had rather a lot of similar ideas about what kind of project we would both enjoy doing, so that’s why we decided to do projects together. In April and May we organized movie nights at Act Global office. The idea was to show different kind of movies to local young people, and then to have a discussion about the movie topic afterwards.


We promoted the event at Act Global Facebook site, and as well invited our local friends to the event. We did movie nights once in a week, it was great fun! It seemed like people were enjoying the movies, and as well the discussion about them. In the middle of May, we decided to do another project, as by that time we had discovered that a big issue in Bali is recycling. Therefore, we wanted to create useful and fun things out of plastic bags, and plastic bottles. For a week we researched different kind of things that are possible to make out of plastic. The next week we were learning how to make them. We decided to teach crafts in an orphanage. With the children there we made flowers out of plastic bottles. Those decorations are rather fun and easy to make, so the children were really enjoying it (maybe because they could colour the flowers as well). Hopefully, they will continue being creative with plastic, and make more fun, useful and cool things out of it. With all of the volunteers we went to a local school to introduce our countries, and to teach the children a traditional game from our country. That was a really fun day with children, IMG_8909they know a bit about Estonia now, or at least that we have snow! They really enjoyed the game, and so did we. Kristina also went to the orphanage to teach the children there a traditional Estonian dances – ´´Kaerajaan´´and ´´Kaks sammu´´. She really loves dancing, so she was happy to share a traditional dance with the children. It was a bit hard to teach them, as there was a lot of children, but in the end everyone had a lot of fun. Last week I went to live with a local family, to understand the Balinese culture better, and to show the children there as well, what is possible to be made out of plastic. There we made simple toys out of bottles, and as well with young girl’s plastic bottle flowers which we used for necklaces. As well I teached them how to make bracelets, and explained what kind of different materials they can use for it (wool, plastic bag etc.). They were eager to learn, but as it takes rather long time (according to children), to make a bracelet, I ended up finishing them. Kristina and I have really enjoyed the 2 projects we have done here, happy that we had the movie night project, which was more for all ages, and we really appreciated the opportunity to go to the orphanage, to create things out of plastic. We both feel that we learned more how to use the things that we have to make something useful out of it. E.g. make a basket completely out of plastic. Plastic is a big issue in here, but as well in Europe a lot of people just throw it on the streets, so maybe we can use those skills in Estonia as well.

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