Plastic crochet

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Denpasar Bali, April 2015 (Julien Goalabré)

One thing always lead to each other, and talking to people is the best way to make it happen.

In a restaurant I was talking to Jeanne Guyon, a Bali based French designer, when the topic of TrashStock “Musik -Artistk – plastik” popped up.
The idiom “What’s meant to be will be” became real when she retrieved a purse made of plastic bags, using a homemade bamboo crochet.

DSC_0020Plastic is a major issue, not only in Bali but around the world. The main difference in Bali is that people do not have the same education about trash, mostly because of the lack of real waste management system. Thus, to use it as a creative material is definitely a going in a positive direction as all actions count.











Volunteers of both projects “Mapping Solidarity” and “Creativity For Change” wanted to discover how this was actually possible. The extend of what we can make once we know how to make crochet with plastic bag is very extensive : jewelry, purses, baskets, bins, t shirts…*COVER

Who knows what could happen if we would show street kids and orphans what they can do with the trash they can find everywhere? Those who beg for money at traffic light in Bali would surely collect more funds handling items they made than with empty hand.

Thanks again Jeanne for taking the time to show us how to be creative with waste!