RadioActive EVS UK

Volunteer Service

Leeds, England , 12th to 26th August (Closed)

This project was an opportunity for 3 young people from Indonesia (Ren, Andi and Hendra) to live and volunteer in the UK for 2 weeks. The opportunity gave them the chance to support 2 music festivals, one of these being Leeds festival. During their time they were supporting the festival by helping to clear-up and act as a marshal although they also had loads of time to watch bands such as the Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age and Macklemore.

This project came about as a result of a long-term project entitled ‘Radioactive’ which was lead by the UK based charity Everything is Possible. The project brought together 6 countries to create workshops around media with their local young people. In Indonesia, Act Global focused our topic around Hip-Hop Education and worked with local partners FBI Radio. Follow this post (Hip-Hop Workshops) to read further details on the project.

For this project 3 Indonesian volunteers spent 2 weeks of their summer in the UK supporting to music festivals, one was called Tribfest which was dedicated to some of the best tribute acts  and the second was Leeds Festival, one of the UK’s largest music festival.

Once this project has concluded we will be posting all the results and activities here. In the mean time follow us on Facebook to get an update on our future events and see more stories on this.

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