Radioactive Final Evaluation Seminar


Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 15th to 21st November (Past)

Act Global played host to the Radioactive final evaluation seminar, a project that was lead by the UK based organisation Everything is Possible. The project brought together partners from Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Philippines, Indonesia and the UK for a one year project. In November, our partners came to Bali, Indonesia, to review and do the final evaluation of the project.

The project focused on teaching young people about media skills. In January, members of each of the participating countries were invited to Leeds in the UK for the Start-Up Seminar for an explanation of the project. Each country was then tasked with the activity of creating a project in their homeland. The different countries then worked with a group of young people and for many of them the final result was to create a radio show or podcast. All these projects can be viewed here.

Act Global also created a radio show but focused our programme around Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop Education. We worked in partnership with the Bali Hip-Hop Community, (a locally based organisation in Bali that works with young people talented in Dancing, Rapping, DJing and Graffiti) and our other partner was FBI Radio Bali. Working closely with our partners we created a one-day seminar for the local young people and FBI radio delivered ongoing workshops. This event can be viewed here.

At the final evaluation seminar, the representative countries presented the project they did and discussed some of the highs and lows they encountered along the way. Overall, everyone was pleased with how the project was delivered and how much the young people enjoyed it. As a continuation to this project, Italy, Philippines, Indonesia and the UK have all agreed to deliver a project called Radioactive EVS which will give an opportunity for some young people to engage in a short term volunteering project. From Indonesia, we will send 3 volunteers to Italy and 3 volunteers to the UK in the summer of 2014.


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