Radioactive – Hip Hop Workshop

One day workshop

Denpasar, Bali, 6th April 2013 (Past Project)

This workshop was aimed at young people aged between 18-30 who are interested in developing their skills in the arts of Hip-Hop (Break Dancing, DJing, Rapping, Graffiti).

As part of an international project called Radioactive led by UK organisation Everything’s Possible, Act Global hosted a one-day workshop that engaged 30 young people from around the Denpasar area. During the workshop, young people had presentation on the different skills around Hip Hop such as DJ-ing, Graffiti and Hip Hop Dance.

The project was hosted at FBI radio in Bali who made it possible for the young people to also learn more about the radio station. The event was all day and in the morning we started with a demonstration on DJ skill by oracle soundlab. Next on the agenda was a presentation from Dedy from the (BHH) Bali Hip Hop community who showcased some of the work they had been involved in to bring Hip Hop to the local communities. The BHH also gave a workshop on some skills and tips around Hip Hop dance moves.

In the afternoon participants were given a workshop on freestyle rap, of which later some of them recorded this onto a radio broadcast. This was followed by a questions and answer session with Balinese Hip Hop group Goldvoice. The band interacted with the crowd talking about their music, how they got started and what they aim to achieve. After some questions from the young people Goldvoice then performed some of their hits and their latest track.

The day finished with some radio interviews, the young people free-styling what they had learned. The young people then continued to work with FBI Radio to learn more about how the station works and how to create a programme.

However this project is far from over. Participants will continue to be engaged with Act Global throughout the year on this topic and towards the end of the Year Act Global will be hosting the RadioActive final project In Bali, Indonesia. The final event will bring together 6 countries to discuss the work they have been undertaking in their own countries around this topic. Click here to see what our other partners do in their countries.

The broadcast of this show can be heard here.

Click here to view photos from this project.

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