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Selamat Datang Di Act Global Bali !

European Voluntary Service

Denpasar, (Bali)

Here they are! We are so pleased to welcome our new crowd of volunteers, who will participate to the project “Use your creativity, take initiative and be the change!” ! “Selamat Datang! ” as we say in Bahasa Indonesia.



To the existing crowd of French, Polish and Italian volunteers, three new countries are joining the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programs hosted by Act Global in Bali.

Indeed, Victor (Spain),  Dimitar (Macedonia), Eeva and Kristina(Estonia) just landed in Bali for a 3 month EVS created in partnership with Center For Rural Developmen (Macedonia), Seiklejate Vennaskond and Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia (Spain), CCREAD-CAM (Cameroun) and Kenya Community Sport Foundation.

All these partners visited Bali in February to ensure that the living conditions were suitable for the youths they will select for the EVS. Act Global has a strong commitment to provide his volunteers the best conditions for their personal and professional development, so this is naturally that they agreed to trust us to take care of the volunteers they would send us.

This particular project called “Use your creativity, take initiative and be the change!”  aims to develop their creativity and build their confidence to join the job market after volunteering. This is the perfect example of Act Global’s focus on non-formal education and our belief that youth unemployment can be strengthen by developing youth’s creativity and sense of entrepreneurship.

For now, they are settling in, visiting their new country, connecting with the volunteers who have been staying in Bali for 6 months already. How exciting it is to live in a new environment where everything, from a new currency to riding a scooter in the local traffic is to be apprehended! A challenge as exciting as it is challenging.


We wish them a successful integration in the Balinese environment and, of course, a fulfilling professional development!


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