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Pursuing a dream to study abroad is a desire to gain knowledge and seek new experience in other countries. Studying abroad is currently a trend in various circles, ranging from government circles, practitioners, and students. The number of Indonesian students abroad has also increased dramatically, reaching tens of thousands, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The target countries also varied, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, and countries on the European continent. 

On the 29th of May 2021, Act Global Indonesia held a webinar about the StuNed Scholarship with our speaker Anak Agung Mia Intentilia, S.IP., MA. She is an awardee of the StuNed scholarship from the Dutch government with a Master of Arts degree at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. She also became the co-founder of Surya Intentilia Learning Center and also a lecturer at the Universitas Pendidikan Nasional, Bali.

During the webinars, we divide it into three sessions with different topics to discuss including a sharing session about study abroad experience, how to get a StuNed Scholarship, and Q&A about StuNed Scholarship. The first session presented by our speakers is about StuNed Scholarship information in detail. According to, StuNed or Studeren in Nederland is a scholarship program that is an integral part of the bilateral cooperation between the Governments of the Netherlands and Indonesia. The main objectives of StuNed are to strengthen the human resources in Indonesian organizations and the bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia at the same time. There are four focuses areas in certain fields including:

  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Circular Economy
  • Water Management
  • Security and Rule of Law
  • Agro-Food and Horticulture

StuNed for Master degree organized by higher education institutions in the Netherlands with a duration between 12 months – 24 months and accredited by NVAO (Netherlands- Visamse Accreditatie Organisatie). There are basic requirement to apply StuNed Scholarship liked must be an Indonesian citizen, minimum education (undergraduate/diploma), has been unconditionally accepted into one of the master’s programs held in the Netherlands proved by letter of acceptance (LoA), preference will be given to applicants with work experience, and have a good English skill proved by TOEFL iBT / IELTS.

Starting from 2021-2022 the StuNed scholarship registration system is carried out through the DELTA platform, for further information regarding StuNed scholarships, it is available on Neso The selection stage of StuNed, it’s divided into three stages including:

  • Administrative assessment 
  • Competitive and excellence-based assessment
  • Final result

In the next session class, our speaker gives some tips on how to get an LOA or letter of acceptance. There is three important points to consider to get an LOA, including:

  • Specify country, university, and major that will we chose
  • Check the official website of the university
  • Every program have their different requirements

About the motivation letter, Agung Mia tells us to write it in short and concise, and when we write it, tell about why we choose the programs or university, what we will do after graduate and the connection with our education that we take in the Netherlands, and why we are the right candidate to choose. She mentioned that, when we write our motivation letters, we have to be specific and give a real example.

Last but not least, Agung Mia tells us about her experience as a student in the Netherlands. Every day she rides a bike to go to university, how interesting the library and the study learning experience are, and also her internship in Indonesian Embassy in Den Haag. It’s a very interesting webinar that will motivate all of us to pursue our study abroad journey!

Written by: Trisna Darma Putri

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