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Bali, January 2018 (Sofia)

We have been making steps for most part of our life. It comes easy to us, easy as breathing. Whether we stroll through green parks or march briskly across chaotic streets, our feet move surely at the rhythm of our thoughts. But a step is actually a complex process, composed of many sub-actions following smoothly one after the other: muscles flexing and stretching, joints moving, toes softly pressing into a newfound ground.


During this process a moment is significant among all the others: when you push your leg forward for a little instant of time it is suspended up in the air and your whole body is supported by one foot. If that foot rests surely in a solid and comfortable position, then the step succeed with grace; if on the other hand it is in an uncertain position, the whole movement turns out wobbly and awkward, and the suspended foot hastily come down looking for solid ground.

Whether that foot was on a certain or uncertain position, it depended on the previous step. If the previous step has been successful, the next one starts with the best premises.



Many of us, me among them, live with a constant look on the future: in the mind are swirling eagerly projects and plans, imagination plays happily with future pictures and emotion shrinks under the anxiousness of problems yet to arise. We like to dance in places and times different from the ones of today. But today is the premise of tomorrow, it’s what build it.

We should take care of ourselves now, put effort and work into being happy and fulfilled today. Of course this brings up the question: what is happiness for me and how to achieve it. We should not push that question away, but take time to figure out the answer now. Invest energy and time today to know yourself and what you need.


Be happy! Enjoy your body moving and your mind working, take a little time everyday to do something that gives you joy. It’s investing in the future, building the best support for each next steps so that you can walk with a happy and sure stroll. As it’s normal, you are going to wobble and stumble down, it’s ok: dust your knees and off you go again!

The Greek philosopher Epicurus said: “Take care that the next step is better than the previous one and then, once you reach your destination, stop and fully enjoy.”


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